HotSchedules Demo: HotSchedules Time & Attendance

In this video we discuss how the Time & Attendance app aids in time management by enabling employees to punch in and out from their mobile device, within a stipulated timeframe and store location. The app alerts managers when irregularities occur, allowing adjustment of work hours and breaks. The app also manages payroll and gives a comprehensive overview of schedules, actual logged hours, and labor costs. Furthermore, adjustments such as tips pooling can be done efficiently promoting transparency.

Key Takeaways


Making punch time adjustments is a hassle. It can lead to confusion for employees and loss of money for you. With Time & Attendance, you get full transparency and control. Employees can punch in right from their mobile device, provided it’s within 5 minutes of the shift’s start time and they’re within a geo-fenced radius of the store’s location.

When someone doesn’t punch in or out as expected, managers receive a notification on their phones. This ensures employees will never accidentally work through their breaks or forget to clock in or out. From the desktop app, managers can run reports, get a quick snapshot of who was scheduled along with their actual punch in and out times, and view over-under on labor projections. Making adjustments to things like tips and the tip pool further promote trust and transparency.

When it is finally time to run payroll, Time & Attendance streamlines your payroll process by zipping all your labor information into a neat file for your payroll platform.

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