Supercharge Your Hotel and Leisure Operations

Build an agile and high-performing team that delivers incredible experiences to guests — on every shift, across every location, every day. It’s possible with Fourth’s suite of solutions that empower hotel and leisure businesses to thrive in any market.

Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

Hotel operators face mounting struggles, day in and day out. Tighter profits combine with a scarce talent pool of experienced hotel workers to force you to do the same work with fewer people.

Meanwhile, delays abound and inefficiency eats away at profits due to time-consuming manual tasks and lengthy purchase approval processes. Every department suffers — whether it’s housekeeping replacing room amenities, chefs replenishing food items, or the spa restocking treatments.

At Fourth, we partner with you to help you overcome challenges and conquer the day. Empowered with our suite of tools and insights, you can hire faster, plan more effectively, schedule more reliably, and pay accurately and on demand.

Human Capital Management

Happy employees create happy guests. Attract the best talent, onboard them faster, and be the employer that makes them love coming to work every day.

  • Build your team faster — reach more candidates and staff up sooner with Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
  • Lighten the load for managers — outsource tedious and time-consuming HR tasks
  • Lower your risk — automate compliance to ensure you’re following local and national labor laws
  • Pay workers accurately and on time — integrate your HR, scheduling, and payroll so paychecks go out like clockwork
  • Make life easier for employees — offer competitive employee benefits and reliable pay

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Workforce Management

Rapid digital transformation across the hotel industry has disrupted traditional roles. With Fourth’s workforce management solutions, hotels can build an agile workforce where staff with transferable skills can be deployed across departments to service guests and meet demand.

  • Win with workers — double your applicant flow and increase retention by up to 36% when you offer on-demand access to earned wages
  • Schedule smarter — use real-time customer demand to calculate the optimum hours needed to deliver a high-standard service
  • Wow your guests — build an agile workforce that can adapt to fit the needs of the business and drive ongoing success

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Inventory Management

Providing consistently memorable experiences for guests requires efficiently managing inventory across your entire hotel operation. Adaco by Fourth streamlines the ordering and purchasing process across departments, ensuring inventory is delivered where it’s needed when it’s needed, and at the right price.

  • Gain unparalleled visibility — track inventory levels across the entire organization, from a king-size bed down to a teaspoon of flour
  • Control spending — ensure you always buy the right product from the right supplier at the right price
  • Centralize decision-making — lock down rogue spending by controlling purchasing rules and workflows across locations
  • Eliminate bottlenecks — give your team the ability to purchase the products they need when they need them

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Advanced Analytics

Give your leaders the visibility they need to make data-driven decisions that improve guest experiences, drive efficiency, and increase profitability.

  • Unify your data — bring data from Fourth’s solutions and integrated third-party tools into a single view
  • Make smarter decisions — provide operators with easy access to data anytime, anywhere
  • Banish spreadsheets — monitor performance across departments and locations with visually rich, interactive dashboards
  • Avoid costly mistakes — eliminate the human error caused by manually pulling data from disparate sources

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Our Customers Count on Adaco to Deliver

  • 5 million purchase orders processed annually using Adaco by Fourth — a value of more than $1.5 billion
  • 1,200+ locations across 52 countries rely on Adaco to streamline their inventory and operations
  • More than 30 years serving the hotel and leisure industry

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“Adaco has allowed us to achieve a 15% reduction in the daily back-office workload. I believe this allows us to be more guest-focused, as these savings allow us to redeploy resources to support our core business, which is our customers. We are not here to tick boxes. We’re a hospitality company. We’re here to provide hospitality.”

— Asif Pantakar (STORY Hospitality, Corporate Director of Information Technology)

Four Seasons Optimizes Its Scheduling Practices

By partnering with Fourth, Four Seasons was able to accurately forecast labour requirements based on service demands as well as schedule and share staff rotas in real time using Fourth’s intelligent workforce management platform

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