HotSchedules Demo: The Employee Experience

In this video we discuss the numerous benefits that Hot Schedules offers to both managers and their employees. Core features include mobile scheduling, time-off requests, and shift swaps, all of which go to a centralized location for manager approval. This streamlines the process and enhances output efficiencies in employee scheduling.

Key Takeaways


HotSchedules creates some massive efficiencies for both managers and their employees. First, we’re going to look at it on the employee level to get a better sense of what makes Hot Schedules so powerful for your team. Hot Schedules gives your employees the ability to check their schedules, see who else is working with them, request time off, swap shifts, and more, right from their mobile devices.

All requests and changes are passed on to the manager for approval in one centralized location, so changes can be approved or denied for any reason.

Once changed, the roster is updated and the affected team members are notified.

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