HotSchedules Demo: Submitting Time-Off Requests

In this video we explain how to use HotSchedules for submitting time-off requests. Employees can view existing requests and submit new ones online. While they can edit or delete a submitted request, approval or denial is at managers’ discretion.

Key Takeaways


HotSchedules makes submitting a time-off request easier than ever, and your employees can do it from wherever they are as long as they’ve got access to the internet or a phone to call HotSchedules Customer Care. Tapping the sidebar brings up the navigation menu. Let’s check out the Time Off and Requests tab. When they first click on this tab, they can see the status of their existing time-off requests.

Clicking on one brings up the details of the request and allows them to make edits or delete the request. To submit a new request, they’ll click the plus button on the bottom right and start filling in the details. It’s important to note that just because a request has been submitted doesn’t necessarily mean it’s automatically approved. All requests go through to the manager, who then has the ability to approve or deny the request.

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