Providing Tailored Solutions and Advice

At Fourth, customer focus is at the heart of what makes us who we are. We take pride in providing our customers with data and actionable insights that help them make the right decision.

We follow an ethos of creating bespoke solutions and strategies that meet the requirements of those we serve, helping them boost productivity, retain talent, and provide quality service to their loyal patrons.

Professional Services

Our global services team will guide you through the set-up and deployment of our solutions. Our experienced project managers and subject matter experts will get to know you and your needs. During this time, you will understand how to best utilize our products, gain adoption across your teams, and lower costs for your business.

Project Management

Our experts will partner with you and your team to coordinate progress and accountability throughout your deployment.

Dedicated Solution Consultant

We will transfer knowledge from us to you, tailoring our software to your needs.

Discovery Workshop

Our workshop session will ensure that our experts understand the full scope and requirements of the project before the start of a successful deploym

Technical Resource

An expert in the delivery of detailed integrations or exports will assess what is required based on your solutions and technical requirements, such as forecasting, inventory management, implementation, and much more.

Training Plan

Our team will work with your in-house operations and training professionals to establish effective training and change management plan, ensuring a successful implementation and deployment.

Solution Consulting

Our solution experts, who are former industry operators, understand your daily requirements and challenges. They will work with you to determine the optimal design of Fourth solutions and own all of the configurations.

Our solution consultants will share advice, expertise, and industry best practices to maximize the value of our solutions.  ​

They will be your guide and get you up to speed on:

  • Getting your staff up and running quickly
  • Best practices and Q&A webinars
  • Usage progress reports

Fourth University

Fourth University is a digital learning platform that aims to give our users the knowledge they need quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality. Combined with instructor-led sessions, Fourth University ensures that your operational procedures and business processes will be taken into account.

The digital courses will also be available right up until and shortly after you ‘go live’, allowing employees to refer at any point and as questions arise, or to simply recap what they have learned.

What are the benefits?

  • Point of need learning
  • Ability to revisit content
  • Less time away from the business for learners
  • Access to content until the ‘go-live’ status
  • Access the courses on any device and at anytime

Productivity Consulting

Managing your workforce is often one of the biggest costs for hospitality or retail businesses. Therefore, it is critical to leverage your most important assets in the right way.

Our productivity consultants will assist your business to understand your operating model and core values — there is no “one size fits all”. We will ensure that the operational drivers, standards, and metrics are promoted consistently across various locations.

The team levels required will also be calculated using scheduling metrics, often referred to as “rules” or “labor drivers”. These are specific to each brand and have been created by productivity and scheduling experts at Fourth.

There are multiple considerations when defining the rules, such as operational model, sales, timings, and dayparts. This may also include team roles, capabilities, non-revenue generating tasks, and minimum staffing levels.

The rules are examined with historical sales and Fourth’s Next Generation algorithm — considering last year’s data, recent trends, weather, and events — to generate the shape of workload demand in a graphical form. This output should help your business to optimize labor and increase sales and service levels by ensuring the right people are in the right place and at the right time.

Value Added Services

Fourth offers consultative services to ensure that our customers maximize the ROI of each solution.

Our team of industry experts will guide you through the adoption of a new solution and understand how it will impact your day-to-day operations. Based on your business needs, we offer several different services:

  • Portal reviews
  • Solution health checks
  • Best practice workshops and business process consultation
  • Projects to utilize further functionality or update system configuration
  • 3rd party integrations including vendors and single-sign-on

The consulting team will also work with the customer success team to maximize benefits and return on investment for all our customers.