HotSchedules Demo: Creating a New Schedule

In this video we discuss the various ways to create a schedule in HotSchedules including creating from scratch, using scheduling templates, copying a previous week’s schedule, utilizing the Auto Schedule, and analyzing past sales trends.

Key Takeaways


There are several different ways to create a schedule in HotSchedules.

When you’re first starting out, you’ll probably create a schedule from scratch. If you’ve been in the system for a while, you’ll appreciate the power of scheduling templates, templates you make based on what works best for your operation. If you liked a previous week’s schedule, you can simply copy it or save it as a template that you can use and tweak based on your necessary staffing levels.

Once you’re really into the swing of things, you can use the Auto Scheduler to assign shifts out to employees in seconds. And maybe our most powerful scheduling feature, you can use past sales trends to see how much labor you can expect to need this week.

After the fact, you can check your Labor Pro Forma to compare scheduled versus actual to see where you can improve. While you’re creating a schedule, you can click on any employee’s name to bring up more information on that employee or message them directly.

Once you’ve created your schedule, you can use Roster Report on your desktop or mobile to get a daily snapshot of who’s coming in, when, what they’re doing, and make any last-second changes.

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