HotSchedules Demo: Navigating the Schedule

In this video, we discuss why managers should love HotSchedules. We highlight features such as the easy-to-use interface for scheduling staff, flexible viewing options, and various reports that aid strategic decision-making. This system uses data such as sales forecasts and labor budgets for effective staff allocation.

Key Takeaways


Employees tell managers they love HotSchedules, and here’s why managers will too. When you first open the scheduler, you’ll see a list of all your team members and dates and times that they’re scheduled. You can view this information in a number of different ways. Here, you can quickly add any employees or job codes you want to see on this screen by using the filtering tool.

To view other week schedules, click on the arrow icons at the top, or you can jump to a specific week from the calendar widget. This page has all kinds of reports to ensure you’re building the best and most accurate schedule based on your sales forecast and labor budget and with the perfect number of staff scheduled.

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