HotSchedules Demo: Employee Shift Release & Pick-Up

The HotSchedules mobile app simplifies the process of releasing and swapping shifts. Employees can release shifts by selecting the shift and citing the reason for release. For shift swaps, employees select the shift they have and the one they want to swap with. All requests require managerial approval.

The application automatically updates schedule changes and notifies employees.

Key Takeaways


With the HotSchedules mobile app, releasing and swapping shifts is easier than ever for you and your employees. If they want to release a shift, they simply select the shift and submit a reason for why they’re releasing the shift. The request is then pushed on to their manager for approval. Swapping a shift is very similar.

First, select the shift. Then select another shift they want to swap. The request is then sent to the other employee to review and approve, and then to the manager to approve or deny. And the best part?

Anytime there’s a schedule change, employees are automatically notified and the schedule is updated right on their apps.

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