HotSchedules Demo: HotSchedules Reporting Dashboard

Logbook is a digital shift management tool that keeps a record of completed tasks, detailing who did it and when. It syncs with HotSchedules and allows managers to track tasks by date, time, and IP stamp. Managers can add notes, photos, and create proprietary task lists. It particularly finds use in documenting store deposit logs, temperature checks, and other shift information that may be needed for legal reasons.

Key Takeaways


Logbook is a mobile, online shift management and communication tool that gives you and your staff real-time insight into what’s been done, who did it, and when the task was completed. Logbook automatically integrates with HotSchedules so management can easily access it from the same login. This gives you a more accurate picture of what’s really going on in your operation. It tracks tasks by date, time, and IP stamp, in case you ever need this information for legal purposes.

Managers can input notes from the shift and even snap a picture from their smartphone, which are automatically archived so you can find them later. You can easily create any of your own proprietary task lists in the Logbook. The Logbook provides a place for notes on your store deposit logs, temperature checks, and other sensitive shift notes, which is great in case you ever need to point back to historical documentation for, again, legal reasons.

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