ATS Recruitment Guide

How ATS Helps Attract the Talent You Need

The ongoing nationwide labor shortage means the talent pool to draw from is extremely shallow, and the competition to draw from that pool is at an all-time high.

With the resulting understaffed shifts leading to employee burnout (i.e., turnover) and reduced restaurant throughput, the labor shortage represents a major threat to growth and competitiveness. It is now more imperative than ever that you stand out from the crowd and get your share of the diminished labor pool.

Right now, the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries are candidate-driven markets where jobseekers have much greater choice and leverage when determining where they work. If your hiring process is too long or complicated, you’ll lose your candidates to someone else that provides a quicker, more convenient, and intuitive process.

The people you hire will become your brand’s ambassadors, so creating a climate they can immediately buy into is vital. Regardless of whether a candidate is hired or not, a good Applicant Tracking System will provide a professional experience they may recommend to others.

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