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Fostering Commitment to Team Members Through Technology


Attracting and retaining the right team members in the current labor shortage crisis requires that restaurants compete for talent by putting people first. To do so, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, scheduling, payroll and POS all need to work well and work together. This minimizes admin time and produces a hassle-free work environment. One nagging impediment to streamlining operations has been the labor intensive and error prone process of managing cash to provide the expected and highly important post-shift tip pay outs to serving staff.


End-to-end simplicity for operations optimization

23 Restaurant Services (23RS) has made steady progress in realizing its vision of an end-to-end technology solution to power its operations and workforce. It started with HotSchedules for shift management in its locations and uses the Above Store capability to maintain a bird’s-eye view across all its brands. The company also uses the PeopleMatter applicant tracking and onboarding application and Fourth’s payroll services. Since these applications are integrated with one another and with its POS and learning management systems, 23RS has created a seamless onboarding and day-today admin experience.

Empowering team members with earned wage access

The most recent accomplishment in 23RS’ quest for the ideal team member experience has been the Addition of Fuego and its integration with Fourth’s Partner, Gratuity Solutions, a tip pooling system – allowing the company to eliminate its cash distribution challenges for tips and to address its team’s earned wage access needs. Team members can access up to 50% of wages and tips from approved shifts through Fuego (by card or mobile wallet). Not only is providing access to funds a win for team members, but it’s also a major milestone for management.

“For years, our managers were having to use spreadsheets to calculate and track tip sharing, and if changes were needed, it was a painstaking process to make things right. With Fuego, we can make adjustments overnight.”

— Jeff Gabriel (Vice President of Strategy, 23 Restaurant Services)


Fourth’s Intelligence platform has streamlined operations and reduced the administrative burden on its team members. The ability to integrate best-in-class, quality solutions has supported 23RS’ ability to scale quickly. Fuego’s integration with HotSchedules allowed for seamless implementation and included an interface to payroll. It is enabled as part of the onboarding process and positioned prominently in benefits documentation.

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