Early Girl Eatery Reduces Turnover and Eliminates Payroll Pains

Read how Early Girl Eatery leveraged Fourth’s solutions to conquer payroll, compliance, and retention.  

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Early Girl Eatery is an independent restaurant concept with 4 locations in North Carolina specializing in organic, farmtotable Southern comfort food classics. They are part of the fabric of their community and their employees are the indispensable ingredient to the Early Girl Eatery experience. 


Early Girl Eatery, was overwhelmed by the complexities of running a successful operation in a tight labor market.

Before Fourth, Early Girl was struggling to scale with manual, error-prone, and confusing tools like Excel and QuickBooks for payroll and out-of-pocket advances to support their staff in emergencies. These methods were complicated and draining, which kept management from focusing on what mattered most: their team and their guests.

Early Girl needed a simpler solution – a suite of labor management tools that could streamline their operations by reducing administrative burden and strengthen their benefits package to allow for growth and nurture the heart of their business.


Impressed by HotSchedules’ ability to reduce the stress of scheduling and increase profitability with labor optimization, Early Girl looked to Fourth to help them with their challenges in payroll, compliance, and turnover.

Integrating Fourth’s HR & Payroll (PEO) simplified payroll processing, eased benefits administration, and relieved management of compliance risk stress. With PEO support, this small business now had a specialist and benefits package of a much larger company to better support their team without the high costs or headaches.

For an even more competitive benefits package, Early Girl added Fuego, Fourth’s on-demand pay solution, to stand out in the labor market. For no additional cost and extra effort for payroll, Fuego lowered employee’s financial stress by giving them access to a portion of their pay ahead of payday. By financially empowering their employees, Fuego lowered management’s burden of juggling shift callouts, high turnover, filling open roles, and managing out-of-pocket loans.


Early Girl’s expansion and profitability was fueled by combining Fourth’s labor management solutions, HotSchedules, PEO for payroll management, and Fuego. This simplified and sophisticated suite of integrated solutions gave Early Girl the bandwidth and efficiency of a much larger operation without all the overtime effort. Now, Early Girl’s management is no longer underwater with scheduling, payroll, compliance, hiring, and turnover and has much more time and energy to focus on growing the business through the employee and guest experience.

I am not a payroll specialist of any sort or fashion… I’m operations. I’ve been impressed with the Fourth side of it and how it all syncs together. ​

Any issues that I have, I have a specialist I can go to, who even when the problem doesn’t fall under his umbrella, he says “OK” and next thing I know I’m tied into the person who can take care of it. He realizes where my weaknesses are, and for lack of a better term, he speaks restaurant.”

— David Gillespie, Senior District Supervisor, Early Girl Eatery

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