HotSchedules Demo: Accessible Schedules for Everyone

In this video, we discuss the multidimensional accessibility of HotSchedules, which makes it easier for employees to check their schedules anytime, anywhere. With seven different options, including print, online access, mobile app, email, text message, automated phone system, and a 24/7 Customer Support Center, the speaker insists there’s no excuse for not knowing one’s schedule.

Key Takeaways


When your employees are on HotSchedules, I-didn’t-see-the-schedule is no longer an excuse. Not only are there seven different ways your team can check out their schedule, you can see who has viewed the schedule, too. We know not everyone has easy access to a smartphone, data plan, or Internet connection. If you still want to post or distribute a paper schedule, HotSchedules makes it easy to print out with one click.

Your employees can also call into our Customer Support Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or check their schedule from our automated phone system. But the easiest, most common, and most convenient ways to log in are via a desktop, or they can download the app for added features and functionality. Not only can they check the schedule themselves, but HotSchedules can also send out text messages and emails to your staff, so they’re continually notified of any changes as soon as you make them. So, how can employees check their schedules?

Let’s review. Paper-based schedule. Logging in online or via their mobile browser. Email.

Text message. Mobile apps. Automated phone system. And Customer Support Center.

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