Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Operations Technology

68% of operators say tech and automation will be used to battle the labor shortage. When there’s too much to do in a day, the way forward is to streamline, automate, and off-load those tasks.

Between hiring, training, scheduling, HR, compliance, and the day-to-day tasks of running a restaurant, restaurant operators are overstretched and overworked. This dynamic leads to higher turnover, lower profitability, and a worse experience for customers and staff alike.

Restaurant operators today are automating and offloading the tasks that used to consume their workday by leveraging technology solutions and strategic partnerships.

Download our Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Operations Technology to learn how you can clear your plate and get back to your passion, your business, and your customers.

In this eBook, you will:

  • Learn how technology solves problems in hiring, scheduling, management, HR, and more
  • Discover how a small restaurant can offer a top-tier benefits package
  • Explore best practices for evaluating technology solutions and partnerships

Download the eBook

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