America’s favorite ice cream and dairy store drives sweet sales with Fourth.

$11.5 million

in monthly sales

85% less

time spent scheduling

30% increase

in retention

The Braum’s story

Beginning as a single ice cream and dairy store in Oklahoma City in 1968, Braum’s has since expanded to more than 300 restaurants in five states. What hasn’t changed is this family-owned company’s passion for its people and commitment to quality. The only major ice cream maker to still milk its own cows, Braum’s stands out for its vertical integration.

Growing the herd

As this Southern treasure expanded from store to store and state to state, so did the challenges with managing and retaining a growing workforce.

All of these challenges meant time taken away from what matters most – the customer!

“Hot Schedules has definitely been instrumental in freeing up time for management to be more involved on the work floor to ensure the operation is going well, including customer service.”

— Frank Crawford, Braum’s Corporate Training and Education

Braum’s conquers the day with Fourth

Braum’s believes that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. And that’s exactly what they did with Fourth – empowering managers and employees to conquer their day with Workforce management solutions.

Fourth’s solutions empower everyone – from restaurant employees to general managers and district managers.

It’s all about retention

As a family-owned company, Braum’s truly cares about its employees. They bring the same quality, care, and attention to their people as they do to their product. All employees receive a 15% discount for food and groceries from the stores. From matching competitive pay rates to store transfers, Braum’s will do whatever it takes to retain their teams.

HotSchedules from Fourth fuels this mission by giving employees control and flexibility with their schedules and an open line of communication with their managers. High school students can easily ask for more summer hours and families can request days off at any time for personal obligations. The new Workforce management solutions improve forecasting accuracy – allowing managers to properly staff shifts. As a result, employee satisfaction rises with the right staff on the right shift.

“Without Fourth, we would have remained stagnant. Our managers and district managers would not have been armed with an innovative technology that not only supports day-to-day operations, but also looks ahead to ensure we are maximizing our efforts in the right places to increase sales year over year.”

“This is the easiest way to create a schedule. I can’t live without it. I love it!”

— Amber Ghotbi, Braum’s District Manager

Mooving results

Armed with HotSchedules, the dairy operator now effortlessly forecasts sales and tracks productivity – always striving to beat projections by scheduling more people.

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