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Left Burnt Out From Too Many Understaffed Shifts?

Expand your applicant pool, hire 90% faster, and get new employees on the floor in record time.

  • Wake Up To Scheduled Interviews
  • Hire New Employees In Days, Not Weeks
  • Rest Easy Knowing Compliance Errors Are A Thing Of The Past

Conquer Hiring with Fourth

Hiring managers too busy drowning in admin tasks? Left burnt out from too many understaffed shifts? Expand your applicant pool, hire 90% faster, and get new employees on the floor in record time with Fourth’s AI-powered applicant tracking and onboarding solution.

Restaurants who can’t meet demand lose 10-25% of gross revenue per store. 1

  1. Fourth Enterprise Data

Automate the tedious

Hear the sigh of relief from frontline managers after hiring new employees in days, not weeks.

Never stop improving

Watch your talent sourcing and screening capabilities improve every day with our AI-driven ATS.

Grow with confidence

Always send the right onboarding forms to stay compliant. Always rest easy knowing manual errors are a thing of the past.

Attract more candidatesRecruit with ease

Easily create new job postings and amplify their reach by sharing to popular job boards like Indeed and Snagajob. And watch applicant conversation rates increase with no additional effort required thanks to mobile-first application designs with no requirements to create accounts or upload resumes.

Reduce Cost per Hire Leverage AI instead of manager time

Our exclusive partnership with TalentTrack gives you a competitive edge in recruitment with AI-powered programmatic bidding. Using your source-to-hire data, your ad spend budgets are automatically adjusted to only run during the most favorable times of day on each job board, ending the 24-hour ad cycle. As a result, your:

  • Managers spend less time managing job postings
  • Cost-per-hire decreases
  • Cost-per-application decreases
  • Pool of quality applicants increases

Speed up the interview processWake up to scheduled interviews

Let AI act as your #1 recruiter working behind-the-scenes to pre-screen candidates as they fill out the application. Those who meet all your requirements can instantly schedule an interview based on the manager’s calendar availability.

Hire up to 90% faster

Ensure you hire the right talentBuild your dream team

Restaurants are experiencing a rise in involuntary turnover for the first time since the pandemic, meaning the rush to hire does not always equal hiring the best talent. Add personality assessments to applications to ensure every new hire adds to your team makeup and morale.

Candidates are 3x more likely to respond to text messages

Keep Candidates Engaged & InformedShow off your powers of communication

Restaurant and hospitality employees are 5X more likely to quit in their first 90 days over miscommunication. Show them communication is your strength by keeping them in the loop from the very beginning with two-way texting.

Hire faster than your competitionBe the first to send an offer

Hire candidates in one-click. Yep, that’s it. Because when labor demand is greater than supply, it pays to be first.

Onboard on-the-goDitch the paperwork & compliance woes

Hiring managers don’t have time to gather forms and monitor onboarding completion. In just a few taps, send a pre-populated email complete with a digital onboarding packet customized with the correct government forms. Better yet, employees can complete the forms from their phone.

  • How does an applicant tracking system (ATS) help me overcome labor shortages?
    • There are still far more job openings in hospitality than available workers. We’re also starting to see a rise in involuntary turnover of frontline workers for the first time since the pandemic, meaning the rush to hire people (hiring anyone!) hasn’t led us to hiring the best people for the job. An ATS offering time-saving automation capabilities and artificial intelligence working behind the scenes to pre-screen candidates as they fill out the application, you can not only hire faster than your competition next door, but ensure your managers only spend time interviewing, and ultimately hiring, the best talent
  • How does an ATS help me source talent?
    • Our ATS creates many ways to easily broadcast your job openings while reducing hiring friction. With a custom career site, you have plenty of space to discuss company culture and employee benefits, all top concerns of applicants in the hourly space. And thanks to free job board integrations with popular sites like Indeed and Snagajob, your postings will be visible everywhere jobseekers are. And finally, with text-to-apply codes it’s easy to have walk-in candidates start and finish the application process from their phone or have your current employees share the application with their friends. And because our ATS was designed mobile-first and without the need to create an account or upload a resume, applicants are far more likely to complete the process in one effortless swoop, effectively increasing your applicant flow.
  • How is onboarding more efficient for hiring managers?
    • In just a few clicks, hiring managers can send a complete onboarding packet to new hires which they, in turn, can easily complete from their phone! After the manager clicks “hire” in our applicant tracking system, a pre-populated email will display on the screen, complete with a link to all the required state and federal forms and any other forms you’d like to include like training materials. Managers click “send” and it’s off without having to gather the correct documentation or worry about compliance. It’s all handled so they can get back to doing the work they love.

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