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Restaurant Workforce Management Software

Simplify team management for your restaurant

Restaurant management software designed to transform how you handle labor costs, compliance, and employee satisfaction, ensuring your business is not just a place to work, but a place where people want to work.

  • Reduce labor spend, increase compliance
  • Schedule flexibility and on-demand benefits
  • Streamline operations and boost performance

Save your managers 5+ hours a week.

Every day you’re fighting to save time, conquer inflation, and win the labor war. You can do it all with Fourth.

As the industry leader in employee scheduling software, compliance management, and forecasting technology, we know what really sets us apart— our people. That’s why we designed our hourly workforce management solution to engage, empower, and retain your people.

Conquer labor shortages

Offer employees schedule flexibility and in-demand benefits like on-demand pay to ensure your business is an employer of choice.

Conquer profitability

Leverage AI forecasting and scheduling to create perfectly staffed shifts in minutes, simultaneously reducing labor costs and increasing sales.

Conquer complexity

Equip your teams with the necessary tools, insights, and support to streamline operations, boost team performance, and improve your bottom line.

Advanced labor forecastingPredict the future

Replacing manual analyses with artificial intelligence and automation, our AI forecasting analyzes millions of internal and external data points to ensure you always schedule to meet customer demand.

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Efficient employee schedulingSchedule smarter and faster

Take the pain out of hourly scheduling while optimizing labor deployment, decreasing labor costs, and delivering exceptional employee experiences with hospitality’s most widely adopted scheduling solution.

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Employee surveysUnderstand employee satisfaction

Teams perform better when they feel heard and have a clear direction. With end-of-shift surveys and customizable pulse surveys, give employees a safe space to share insights so you can take swift action.

Time and attendanceSimplify pay day

Stay compliant during shifts, prevent time theft, and reduce payroll errors and processing time by integrating time and attendance with employee scheduling.

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Task managementAchieve operational excellence

Enable real-time visibility and enforcement of task management, eliminate shift-to-shift communication breakdowns, and easily share institutional knowledge to ensure you always deliver on brand standards.

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Stay compliantAutomate labor & payroll compliance

Don’t burden frontline managers with ever-changing federal, state, and local compliance legislation. From Fair Workweek to minor labor laws and payroll compliance, we help companies save an average of 2% in avoided penalty pay every year.

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On-demand payDrastically improve retention

Drive employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention by helping employees achieve financial wellness with fast, easy access to wages.

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“The opportunity to save on costs and work with Fourth as an extension of our team has helped our operations ten-fold. All the numbers, and our experience with Fourth thus far, is there to show that it was the right switch.”

— David Culhane, Operations Director, Sun Pub

  • Does my workforce management solution need to specialize in the hourly workforce space?
    • Yes! While all workforce management solutions may offer solutions for employee scheduling, time tracking, payroll, and more, there are many differences between hourly and salary employees. From differing labor laws to how they get paid and varying employee expectations around schedule flexibility, the hospitality industry needs a solution designed for the unique needs of the hourly workforce.
  • How does workforce management software save me time?
    • Utilizing features like auto-scheduling, AI demand forecasting, and built-in payroll compliance tools, managers save up to an average of 5+ hours a week in now automated administrative tasks. And that means your managers have at least 5 extra hours a week to engage with employees, create better guest experiences, and find new opportunities for professional development.
  • What type of analytics are included in your workforce management solution?
    • Fourth’s competitive advantage is our ability to unify otherwise siloed information from your operations and technology stacks. Providing you a fully customizable, user-friendly, and interactive dashboard with data from Fourth’s solutions, your POS, and third-party integrations, your teams can detect changes in demand, guest experiences, and more to make on-the-go adjustments that ultimately drive better performance and profits.

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