Click here for the latest Coronavirus updates from Fourth

Click here for the latest Coronavirus updates from Fourth

Procurement and Inventory Analytics

Powerful analytics to keep you on top of your recipes, purchasing, inventory and suppliers.

Analytics for Tracking Every Aspect of Purchasing and Inventory



Understand Demand

Understand how well the business is really doing using the demand forecasting and sales mix features.


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Free Your Data

​Free data from silos. Transform it into intelligence and put it into the hands of the operation.

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Analyse Quality

Analyse the quality of your stock management.

A Dashboard for Everything

You need intelligent reporting instantly on purchasing, inventory, recipes and menus. Imagine the benefits if you could analyse your data any way you like, any time.


Automate Reports

Receive automated reports and updates, enabling immediate action to be taken



See Recipe Performance

See which recipes are your best performers and which aren’t profitable.



Decide with Clarity

Make decisions based on the latest facts and one version of the truth.



Eliminate Excess

Eliminate excess stock and reduce waste by 1 to 3 % through full accountability.


Be Efficient

Understand the true effectiveness of your procurement process and where compliance and efficiency can be improved.



Spot Trends

Analyse inventory to spot trends, such as discrepancies between actual and theoretical, and show who’s accountable across all stock, including non-food and non-beverage items.


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Benchmark Suppliers

Benchmark and rate suppliers on delivery and pricing compliance, negotiate better prices and streamline your supplier base.



Built for Hospitality

Our platform has been serving the hospitality industry since 1999, so you can be confident that we have the depth of functionality you need. It’s hospitality technology redesigned from the inside out.

John Bradshaw

Head of Commercial, Cafe Rouge, Belgo & Airports.

Fourth gives me two things: economically sound information for decision making around menu development and pricing, and consolidated results for my operation as often as I want them at the touch of a button. It provides information we never had before and I can see at a glance which are problem products and where the wastage is – at company level, at regional level and by brand. I absolutely love it.

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