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Click here for the latest Coronavirus updates from Fourth


Fourth Analytics and Wireless Social

Get deeper and richer context on all your data with integration of Wireless Social presence data into Fourth Analytics

We’ve partnered with Wi-Fi solutions provider Wireless Social, to integrate presence data into Fourth Analytics for deeper and richer context.

The Wireless Social platform tracks, among other things, the number of customers in a venue or location through Wi-Fi – not just those logged into Wi-Fi but anyone with a smartphone. When overlaying this data against sales data, operators can add greater clarity to figures. Equally, Wireless Social’s geographical data can show how busy a city or region within a city has been on a particular day, again adding context to sales figures.

Watch this 25 minute webinar recording to understand:

  • More about the Fourth and Wireless Social partnership.
  • The data you can bring together in Fourth Analytics.
  • The incredible insights this can bring for your business.

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