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Apps are permeating all aspects of food service, but how many is too many?
Apps have become ubiquitous in almost all aspects of our lives. Within the foodservice industry alone, there are apps to pre-order meals, apps to pay for them, apps to review our restaurant experience and apps to find our next dinner destination.
3-way invoice matching - what it is and how it works
The process of 3-way invoice matching is simply matching information in a purchase order (PO), a goods received note (GRN), and an invoice. Done manually, it can be quite a lengthy process, which is why many businesses choose to automate 3-way invoice matching to reduce administration time in accounts payable and provide valuable insights into supplier delivery and pricing compliance.
Find out how Fourth can help your organisation ensure your staff are paid correctly and on-time, regardless of which contract they're on, which shifts and how many hours they work, or whether they perform multiple roles in the business.

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We understand the issues that make a business less efficient - wasted inventory, overstaffing, employee churn, payment problems - because we spent years managing hospitality properties before creating Fourth.

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With over 1,200 customers in 60 countries, Fourth invented cloud-based operations, cost management & forecasting software for hospitality. And it works. Just ask our clients.

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