Applicant Tracking, HR and Onboarding

Find, hire, and onboard new team members from one, intuitive platform.

View and Manage the Entire Applicant Tracking & Onboarding Process from One Place


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Integrate with dozens of job boards and social networks to advertise open positions.



​Choose weighted, pre-screening questions to remove or rank candidates.

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Filter, screen and manage candidates from one central dashboard. Managers see the whole process, so they can monitor, measure and track recruitment at every stage.



Post jobs, receive resumes, sort candidates, and schedule interviews. Reduce hiring time by up to 30%!

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Store HR data securely, in one place, Your team members get easy-to-use, permission-based, mobile self-service to update their personal details.

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New hire paperwork is completed online, in one place, including I9s and E-Verify.

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Manage Absences

Accruals are automatically calculated, and employees can request PTO on their mobile devices, which managers can easily approve or deny. And pay is automatically adjusted to reflect absences.

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Stay Compliant

Our reports let managers see the whole process, so they can monitor, measure and track recruitment at every stage.


Finance Director,wagamama

“One database means employee data collected at the point of hiring is entered only once, and is seamlessly shared with scheduling and payroll, which saves time.”

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