Four divisions make it all happen at Fourth.

Technology, Operations, Business Support and Sales & Marketing work together to deliver our mission: Lifetime customer success.


190 talented team members work together, across Development, Product Management, Infrastructure and QA/testing. We all focus on creating and maintaining game-changing customer solutions for our customers. We follow a development roadmap built on our vision of the way the hospitality sector can continue to streamline its operational processes and optimize its financial performance.

Our division values are process, accepting change, simplicity, quality, collaboration and commitment. We have specialist teams focus on each area of the business. Our small teams result in greater efficiency and better communication. We strive to give excellent customer service and always prioritize the best solutions over the easiest ones.


We select our developers carefully - and we know that the best developers have hundreds of options, so we have created a great environment to work in, interesting technical challenges and a real culture where developers are trusted and given the freedom to grow. Our development teams are Microsoft technology-based, using Scrum Agile as our development framework.

“I like working at Fourth because… I feel at home. It is like working with close friends and family. In every battle that the teams face, we work together towards winning it. “ 

Maricar McClernon, QA & Test Manager


A team of over 200 looks after our customers across the world: implementing the systems, managing customers and taking care of customers’ payroll services.

“I like working at Fourth because…employees at all levels are given the opportunity to shape the business and get involved in improving services, processes and customer relationships. We work in an environment where we are encouraged to grow through continuous training, personal development and recognized qualifications. I know that if I have an idea, I will be listened to, I know that I will be looked after by my fellow colleagues if I need help and I know that I am working for a company that listens to their customers and employees when making future decisions. I could not imagine being anywhere else.”

Rebecca Gargini-Hill MSc FCIPP, Payroll Supervisor

  • The Relationship Management Team builds close working relationships with customers enabling them to constantly and accurately assess the performance of their Fourth solution against their requirements and to proactively call in support from our specialist personnel to ensure that the solution is always optimized for success.
 “I like working at Fourth because… having come from the client-side, the team speaks my language and truly cares about our customers! We are partners, not software providers, which sets us apart from our competition.”

David Fournier II, Relationship Manager – the Americas
 “I like working at Fourth because… it's a company with a vision, to create the best solution for the hospitality industry, to nurture talent in receiving and delivering the best and provide an environment of constant growth and delivery.”

Nimirta Lulla, Relationship Manager-EMEA
  • The Knowledge Team is comprised of solution experts, trainers and documentation specialists. We ensure that our customers and employees get the best from our solutions and have access to great learning material. We deliver training sessions, masterclasses, workshops and Q&A sessions for customers on a regular basis across all Fourth’s solutions, allowing customers to learn in a face-to-face environment and have practical experience.
  • The Success Team is an elite team of ex-operators and industry experts who have vast experience in the hospitality industry and with Fourth solutions. The team is responsible for ensuring that each customer is using their Fourth product in the best possible way for them. The team does this by consulting and guiding customers, including relating what works well for other users across the industry.
  • The Service Team is split into groups of service managers and product specialists with individual managers and specialists assigned to deal with specific customers. Their three pledges are: to respond to customer issues within an agreed time period, to display and share specialist knowledge and to always show empathy and understanding. 

 Caroline Ellis“I like working at Fourth because…you have the opportunity to influence lots of aspects-not just your job and career, but also the company culture and its success as well as our customers success. Every day I still find a new challenge and learn something new - after nearly 7 years.”

Caroline Ellis, Service Manager

  • The Project Team manages the implementation of the Fourth solution in the most effective manner for customers, working to deliver it on time and on budget and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction at each stage of the process. All team members are drawn from the hospitality sector so they have a thorough understanding of both the industry and customer needs. All are trained to Prince II practitioner status.

 “I like working at Fourth because… Fourth is a unique business, with a unique culture! Every day is a collaborative effort of all team members to deliver market-leading, best-in-class SaaS products to challenging international clients. Fourth has an ethos of nurturing the potential of its most valuable resource, our people, with leaders empowered to implement business change and drive our high performance culture.”

Benjamin Lee, P&P Projects Lead

Business Support

This team of 35 focusses on Finance and People Operations management. They take care of all aspects of our financial management across the world. Our People Operations Division looks after our great team members, wherever they are based. Staff engagement is at the top of our agenda.

Sales & Marketing

The 20-strong sales and marketing team is responsible for growing our business, whether that is by showing existing customers the Fourth solutions they do not already have, or showing prospects how Fourth solutions can deliver real ROI.

The marketing team ensures that Fourth is at the forefront of the sector’s minds when it comes to optimizing profit, via articles in leading publications, advertising, live events or the Fourth Conference each year.

Declan Monahan “I like working at Fourth because it’s going places. It’s done the hard yards and has a brilliant culture and plan for continued growth. It is mature about how it goes about its business and whilst no company is perfect, Fourth seems to do its best to provide genuine value to its customers and a top working environment for its team”.

Declan Monahan, VP Sales, Asia