By unlocking the operational data you create every day, our smart dashboards reveal valuable insight to drive your decision making and gain competitive advantage.

With Fourth Analytics for hospitality, you really get what you really need - continuous graphical intelligence based on the immediacy of live data, presented in line with key performance indicators and trends perfectly tailored to your business. Now you can optimise the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Fourth Analytics has all the sophistication and value of a robust reporting service without the cost and complexity of other tools. Our solution works straight out of the box, pre-loaded with your bespoke dashboards and all the data from your Fourth solution.


Key benefits

  • Insight provided from a three-dimensional view of your data is delivered on dashboards customized to your business. The dashboards include:
    • Revenue and sales data by hour, revenue stream and individual menu item
    • Product, recipe and menu information including actual and theoretical gross profits and wastage
    • Inventory purchasing and invoice intelligence including inventory variance and supplier performance
  • Instant distribution of your key figures and trends to your teams via auto-email gives them the information they need to make timely decisions.
  • New ways of looking at your data highlight previously unseen areas for improvement, allowing you to see opportunities in your business that your competitors can't see in theirs.


  • Analytics Overview - Manage vast amounts of data to drive insight-based decision making.
  • Purchase-to-Pay - Draw meaningful P2P conclusions with charts, graphs and interactive dashboards delivered to you at the touch of a button.
  • Point of Sale - Link your purchase-to-pay data with POS information and transform it into useable, valuable intelligence.
  • Third Party Data for Analytics - Bring together all of your siloed information and gain complete visibility into all aspects of your operation.

Data & Analytics Solutions

  • Analytics Overview

    The secret weapon for gaining insight from vast amounts of data

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  • Workforce Management

    360° view of labour performance versus cost, employee balanced score cards and much, much more.

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  • Purchase-to-Pay

    Powerful analytics to keep you on track

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  • Point of Sale

    Full POS data Integration

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  • Third Party Data

    Complete intelligence. Whenever you want it.

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