The Fourth Platform

Technology built specifically for restaurants and hospitality.

Now Powered by Fourth

HotSchedules is now powered by Fourth, and our Fourth Platform is now the home base for our supply chain and workforce management solutions, as well as our data and analytics suite. The Fourth Platform gives operators the actionable insights they need to control costs, scale profitability, improve employee engagement, and maintain compliance.

As we move into this next era, we are proud to be doing our part to advance the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the restaurant and hospitality industries. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has been defined as an environment in which disruptive technologies and trends change the way we live and work. With our single, unified platform of best-in-class technology solutions and services, we are delivering disruptive solutions that improve the lives of everyone working for and in restaurants and hospitality. It is technology by people in restaurants and hospitality, for people in restaurants and hospitality, and we are proud to serve more than 7,000 customers across 120,000 globally.

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Fully Integrated

Fully integrated and built only for restaurants and hospitality, it gives you a complete picture of your organization based on a single version of the truth. This generates new, invaluable insights that you can act on instantly.

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Mobile Apps

Our mobile solutions help get managers out of the back office and give employees the freedom and responsibility they need.


Ideal Dashboards

Restaurant and hospitality-specific, out-of-the box dashboards and analytics that fuse purchase-to-pay and inventory data and workforce management information with feeds from POS, social media, review sites and more for advanced, actionable insights.


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Open Architecture

Compatible with other technologies to remove obstacles and deepen analytics.


Secure SSO

Simple but secure ID management ensures employees only need one user name and password to access all applications (ours and others’) through single sign-on (SSO).



Our complete back-office solution covers all of your workforce management, procurement, inventory management, and recipe and menu engineering needs.


Built for Restaurants and Hospitality

The Fourth Platform has been serving this industry since 1999, so you can be confident that we have the depth of functionality you need. It’s restaurant and hospitality technology redesigned from the inside out.

Head of HR, Stonegate Pub Company

“I’m impressed with how Fourth is enabling us to run more efficiently.”

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