Global Back Office For QSR and Beyond

Gain operational efficiency, cost control, forecasting, and real-time visibility into your back office operations.

The Global Back Office Solution that Simplifies, Streamlines, Centralizes

Through our acquisition of the much beloved Macromatix global back office solution, we can provide simple, streamlined, and centralized back office for global restaurant chains.


Centralized Inventory and Recipe Management Control

Reduce operational costs and control your inventory process across your stores with real-time tracking of inventory items through its life-cycle: Purchasing, Receiving, Sales, Transfers, Waste and Other Adjustments.

  • Perpetual control of restaurant inventory management keeps your inventory at optimal levels and food costs reasonable
  • Maintain a record of all stock purchased or transferred during the week with a purchase journal
  • Project and control inventory with reports detailing how much of an item you need on hand at various intervals throughout the day
  • Manage and track transfers, waste, and other inventory adjustments
  • Track, identify, and eliminate the cause of inventory waste
  • Easily deduct inventory items once a menu items is sold
  • Track and get real-time feedback indicating counted items, partial counts, and variances

Supply Chain Management

Always be Prepared for the Day

Consolidate and control catalogs, ordering, and receiving into one integrated back office solution. With a centralised system, every manager can accurately prepare and adjust to keep costs in check and supplies under control.

  • Workflows hold your managers accountable to accurate inventory
  • Reports give you insight into the true cost of your inventory
  • Alerts tell you when prices exceed a certain threshold
  • Standardized ordering processes reduce errors and maximise profits
  • Streamline receiving by integrating your suppliers
  • Easily manage your catalog of suppliers and items

Financial Management

Tighten Down And Fully Reconcile Every Transaction

Manage, track, and reconcile your transactions from the cash register to the POS and all the way to the bank.

  • Reconcile by cashier, register, or day and prevent any mishandling of money
  • Track the movement of cash and other transactions with a full audit trail
  • Set up exception-based alerts to proactively fix financial errors
  • Offline cash management capabilities in case a store loses internet

Clarity into the Darkest Corners of Operations

Shine light into the darkest corners of the business operations with above store visibility, inventory, financial, sales and labour reports. Leverage robust back office business intelligence tool to build custom reports so you can stay proactive in every-case-scenario.

  • Build and share your own reports by extracting the most important information from your data
  • Understand and act on important metrics like actuals vs. theoretical metrics
  • Drill down to item and transaction level data
  • Identify savings opportunities with variance reporting
  • See all of your inventory and cash movements
  • Get a breakdown of all sold products, for a given day and week, in a single store
  • See product sales performance in comparison to other products for a given day and week
  • Generate a cash reconciliation report to verify the amount of cash in a cash register on a daily basis
  • Receive transaction data at each store level per every 15 minute period

Shift Planning and Communications

Being proactive with labor management can give you leg up and put more money towards the bottom line. Back Office enables you to set budget, projections, and manage labor before you even open the doors for business.

  • Customize workflows for structured, best practices process control
  • The self-service portal gives employees a snapshot into their shift, breaks, and team members
  • Customize labor rules and laws engine
  • Manage time & attendance and authorize actual hours to be paid
  • Configure and customize labor rules across all of your stores
  • Restrict early clock-ins
  • Click and drag to easily build schedules
  • Immediate access to staff availability

Operational Workflows that Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Keep your managers moving through their day and accountable to daily tasks with an intelligent workflow tailored to your operation’s standard procedures.

  • Workflows for structured, best practice process control
  • Checklists to help with health & safety regulation and critical control points
  • Above store reports show how long it takes to complete tasks
  • Centralized asset management and document library
  • Event calendar visibility to get ahead and prepare for any changes to the business

Advanced Forecasting to Control and Predict Operations

Control and predict your business with a single forecasting engine that works across all of your stores.

  • Use POS sales and labor data to accurately predict future schedules
  • Forecast sales, transaction counts, individual sales items, and individual inventory items
  • Make informed decisions using sophisticated inventory forecasting that suggests orders
  • Optimize ordering using the sales forecast and historical usage of items
  • Make adjustments to the sales forecast when promotions are introduced to the store
  • Send managers weekly forecasts to compare the actual values to the forecasted values

Built for Hospitality

The Fourth Platform has been serving this industry since 1999, so you can be confident that we have the depth of functionality you need. It’s hospitality technology redesigned from the inside out.


Popular Sandwich Franchise

“Using that actual vs. theoretical inventory report, I was able to put another $4,000 per year back into my pockets for all three stores. And that’s for just one item!”

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HotSchedules is now Fourth. Along with a simplified name, we also have an updated look!


HotSchedules is now Fourth. Along with a simplified name, we also have an updated look! LEARN MORE