FuegoDigital Tip Pay Out

Automate tip pay outs and eliminate your dependency on cash

The best way to pay out tips – for you and your employees

Fuego’s new tip pay out solution reduces an employer’s dependency on cash by automating the tip payout process and providing employees with flexibility and choice in payment.​

There’s no implementation fee for the employer, no subscription fee, and employers can choose if/when they want to pay the cost to transfer tips on behalf of the employee, even if just for the short-term.


Of consumers prefer to pay at restaurants with a credit or debit card over cash, so why should employers bear the burden of paying out tips in cash?

72 hours

Average time for payment networks to settle card payments and reimburse a business that pays out tips in cash, seriously affecting a restaurant’s cash flow

Understanding the costs associated with tipping in cash

Why has the burden of managing and paying tips fallen on the employer?

Get to know the history and evolution of tipping and see how digitizing tip pay outs can eliminate the burden of manual tip pay outs for good.

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The benefits of electronic tip pay outs

Eliminate the cost of cash

Eliminate your dependency on cash and costs associated with cash collection, delivery, and insurance

Reduce labor costs

Save on labor costs associated with counting out and distributing cash tips

Prioritize safety

Eliminate security costs and reduce the chances of theft or fraud. Plus, safer commutes home for your employees​

Encourage financial wellness

Divert a portion of your employee’s earned tips through payroll to help cover taxes and deductions​​

Electronic funds for employees

Employees can digitally access their earned tips when they need them and save time to get paid

See how your business can benefit from digital tip pay out

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