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As a provider to the hospitality industry, we know you have high expectations when it comes to the service you receive. That’s why we work hard to provide knowledgeable, professional, attentive service, and are proud of our 98% customer satisfaction score.


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Basic Training Services

The Best of the Basics

Your Training Specialist will be your assigned go-to guru for support and training during the first few weeks of customerhood. All of our Training Specialists strive to impress with their expertise and friendliness. Here are just a few things this team does for you:

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  • Site build and configurations
  • Training to get you and your staff up and running quickly
  • Best practices and Q&A webinars
  • Usage progress reports
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Project Consulting Services

The Right Resources for Any Project

Our Services team partners with you to guide your set-up and deployment of your solutions. During your deployment, you’ll become confident in using the products, gain adoption across your teams, and lower costs in no time. And, because we serve hospitality customers from the single unit to the global multi-unit, we designed our packages to provide a broad range of service options to fit the needs of each customer:

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  • Project and Pilot Management: Our experts partner with you and your team to coordinate progress and accountability throughout your deployment.
  • Dedicated Deployment Expert: A deployment expert with an unmatched understanding of the industry will transfer knowledge from us to you, tailoring our software around your unique needs.
  • Technical Resource: An expert in the coordination and delivery of detailed plans and scoping is assigned to your project based on your solutions and technical requirements, from forecasting and inventory to implementation and much more.
  • Discover Workshop: A workshop session ensures that our experts understand the full scope and requirements of the project before a successful deployment starts.
  • Training and Development Plan: Our team works with your in-house operations and training professionals to establish effective training and change management plan, ensuring a successful implementation and deployment.

Consulting Packages

Professionals Dedicated to Your Needs

We offer a variety of consultative services to ensure that you maximize the ROI of each solution. Our customer enablement teams are staffed with industry experts who not only understand how to guide you through the adoption of a new technology solution, but also know how it will impact your day-to-day operations. Based on your business needs, you may select from three Services packages: 

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  • Plus Package: Designed for deployments for restaurants with 1-9 locations or pilot programs for 10-25 locations, our Plus Package will provide you with the basics to get you up and running on your HotSchedules solution. Plus engagements last from 30-100 days depending on the implementation and include a dedicated project manager, deployment webinar, discovery expert and more.
  • Pro Package: Designed for deployments for restaurants with 10-25 locations, or pilot programs for 26-99 locations, our Pro Package provides resources to ensure that your larger organization receives the training it needs to make the solution a success. Our Pro engagements last for 45-120 days depending on the implementation and include a dedicated project manager, an on-site technical workshop, 15-25 training hours, integration and data support, and more.
  • Premium Package: Designed for full deployment in multi-unit restaurant brands with 26 or more locations. This top-tier package lasts from 60-150 days and includes multiple HotSchedules resources with expertise in mid-market and enterprise implementations. Your brand will enjoy on-site comprehensive training, special training for administrators, coaching on best practices, and much more.

Customer Support

Here for You When You Need Us

Every HotSchedules customer benefits from live 24/7 phone and email support in English and Spanish. Whether you’re a scheduling manager needing help posting a schedule, a training administrator needing help with your academy, a question about your inventory calculations, or an hourly employee needing access to your account, our knowledgeable Customer Care team can help with that.

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We pride ourselves on years of collective industry experience, providing you with service as you would expect to serve your own customers.

  • 24/7 live phone and email support
  • Hourly team member support for accessing HotSchedules and our automated phone system enables account access to listen to schedules or messages, pick up shifts, etc.
  • Our Help Center includes hundreds of self service articles for how-to’s, system requirements, troubleshooting, etc…
  • Premium Corporate Care option available

Services Built for Restaurants and Hospitality

Our services are provided by people who have owned, worked in, and managed restaurants, retail or hospitality businesses, so they truly understand. Learn more about the HR Services we provide by clicking the link below. 

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