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Take control of your inventory and streamline your purchasing with Adaco’s complete, mobile-optimized inventory management solution. Transform back-office operations, increase margins, and delight customers.

  • Manage Inventory From One Place
  • Optimize Inventory Turn-Over Ratio
  • Automate Invoice Processing

Transform Back-Office Operations, Increase Margins, and Delight Customers

Take control of your inventory and streamline your purchasing with Fourth’s complete, mobile-optimized inventory management solution. With centralized inventory management, you can finally unite your supply chain, make your processes more efficient, and optimize your operations.

Robust Features Designed for the Hotel Industry

  • Cloud-based, mobile-enabled system streamlines operations from stock counting, receiving, purchasing, invoicing to vendor engagement
  • Auto-replenishment triggers re-orders based on par level and demand, optimizing your inventory turn-over ratio
  • Vendor catalogs with product and price comparisons, and purchasing options from punch out to EDI, email, and web
  • Central recipe library allows you to instantly share recipes, dish images, prep guidelines, pricing, and nutritional content across teams and dining outlets
  • Automated Invoice Processing with 3-Way invoice matching automatically compares invoice, purchase order and goods-received notes

Take the Complexity Out of Inventory Management

Manage Inventory from One Place

Gain control and transparency, improve accuracy, and protect profits by centralizing inventory data into a single platform.

Optimize Inventory Turn-Over Ratio

Reduce under and over stocking that increases costs and impacts customer service with automatically triggered re-orders of inventory based on par level and demand.

Streamline Purchasing

Ensure your inventory is delivered at the right time and place with vendor catalogs that provide varied direct purchasing channels.

Increase Menu Consistency

Simplify recipe management, cut time, increase consistency, and ensure health & safety compliance by consolidating menus into an online library accessible across teams and locations.

Automate Invoice Processing

Save time, costs, and paper with 3-way invoice, purchase order and goods-received note matching.

“Adaco has allowed us to achieve a 15% reduction in the daily back-office workload. I believe this allows us to be more guest-focused, as these savings allow us to redeploy resources to support our core business, which is our customers. We are not here to tick boxes. We’re a hospitality company. We’re here to provide hospitality.” 

— Asif Pantakar (STORY Hospitality, Corporate Director of Information Technology)

Our Customers Count on Adaco to Deliver

  • 5 million purchase orders processed annually using Adaco by Fourth — a value of more than $1.5 billion 
  • 1,200+ locations across 52 countries rely on Adaco to streamline their inventory and operations 
  • More than 30 years serving the hotel and leisure industry

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