Fuego On-Demand Pay App

Your secret ingredient for employee engagement

Designed for employers to boost employee engagement across your team for no additional cost.

Tailored to the restaurant industry to:

  • Increase shift coverage
  • Improve productivity
  • Boost employee loyalty

Build your A-Team with Fuego

Run a more optimistic, engaged, and productive team with Fuego. Heat up your employee benefits package for no additional cost to attract, hire, and retain top talent. Grow loyalty by giving your employees financial flexibility with on-demand pay, for more choice in how and when they get paid – interest free.

Increase shift coverage

Improve productivity

Boost employee loyalty

Boost Productivity

Attract & Retain

Boost your benefits package:

  • Attract top talent
  • Reduce turnover costs
  • Increase loyalty and engagement

Improve Scheduling

Tie potential earnings to picking up more open shifts:

  • Encourage more picked up shifts
  • Discourage absenteeism
  • Reduce manager strain to fill shifts

Control Costs

Support payroll objectives:

  • Eliminate costly paper paychecks
  • Reduce requests for advances
  • Lower burden of traditional paycard programs


Workers prefer employers that offer on-demand pay¹


Workers reported fewer unplanned absences because of on-demand pay²


Workers would be willing to switch employers for on-demand pay³

A Better Benefits Package

Make any day payday
with access to up to 50% their pay right after they earn it.

Unlock earning potential
with real-time visibility to their earned and scheduled pay in the Fuego app*.

Fee free access
to on-demand pay with the Fuego Visa® Card. Plus, there’s no application, setup, monthly or inactivity fees.

Digital Wallet
Fuego Card holders gain access to the perks of digital wallet, like Apple® or Google Wallet™.

Reach financial freedom
On-demand pay is an interest free alternative to predatory loans and advances to help avoid the cycle of debt.

Reduce financial stress
Bank your unbanked employees and give them access to financial wellness tools with the Fuego Card.

Fuego makes any day a payday for the 35,000 employees of SSP America

See how SSP conquers the day with on-demand pay to improve recruiting, retention, and satisfaction in a post-COVID world.

Solutions for you and your team

Tip Payout

Fuego’s digital tip payout solution reduces your dependency on cash by automating the tip payout process and gives your tipped employees access to on-demand pay.

Learn more

Earned Wage Access

Earned wage access (EWA) gives your hourly employees access to up to 50% of their earned wages on demand, ahead of payday.

Learn more

Fuego Visa® Card

The Fuego Card is your employees trusted and convenient source for debit transactions. There are no inactivity fees, no setup costs, no fees associated with on-demand pay4.

Learn more

Fuego Implementation is easy.

Four Steps. Two 30-minute calls. We’ll handle the rest.

In two weeks, on average your team gains the benefit of on-demand pay.

Get a demo

Up to 70% employee adoption in 2 weeks*

*Average timeline for full implementation

The Fuego Difference

HotSchedules Integration

No Setup Cost

Enterprise-grade Security

Payroll compliance


Easy Implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is implementation so easy?
    • As a HotSchedules customer, Fuego utilizes the Schedule and POS data connections that already exist. The time and attendance data are used to provide earned wage access to employees, there’s no cost to the business in offering Fuego as an employee benefit.
  • Will this encourage irresponsible financial employee behavior?
    • On-demand pay reduces the risk of employees entering a cycle of debt or seeking predatory payday loans or advances. On-demand pay is not a loan, it’s access to an employee’s earned wages from completed shifts before traditional payday. With flexibility to access a portion of their earned wages on their timeline, employees are less likely to engage in risky financial options, such as predatory loans to cover unexpected expenses.
  • Does this really have no impact on payroll?
    • Just like any other deduction, such as healthcare deductions, for earned wage access we simply send an adjustment file to payroll to deduct from an employees’ paycheck. For tip payout, we send you a tip payout report so you can see what’s already been paid out and adjust the employee’s pay accordingly. Employers can also divert a portion of the employee’s earned tips through payroll – thereby reducing the amount taken from the pay prior to payroll processing.
  • Who is responsible for providing the money accessed by my employees for on-demand pay?
    • The draws for earned wage access are funded by Fuego and the employer settles up with Fuego as part of payroll processing. We also fund tip payouts for you but the funds are automatically collected daily via ACH debit.

1,2,3 Visa Insights 2019, Earned Wage Access survey
4 For earned wage access draws without fees, the employee must set up direct deposit.