Get six months of Fourth Payroll — on us!

For a limited time, we’ll cover six months of payroll admin fees if you sign up for our HR & Payroll Professional PEO service.*

Grow your business, not your HR administrative burden

Fourth’s HR & Payroll managed services support the HR function for your business, enabling you to focus on daily operations, growth-related goals, and the guest experience – not the complexities of administering HR.

Set your business up for success

HR & Payroll users are 50% less likely to fail from one year to the next when compared to similar companies¹

Reduce hiring and training costs​

Businesses in a PEO partnership experience 10-14% lower turnover²

Support future growth

Small businesses who use PEO grow 7%-9% faster than small businesses overall³

Get to know Fourth Professional PEO

Fourth Professional PEO is full-scale service in which Fourth becomes a strategic HR and compliance ally by becoming a co-employer of your restaurant’s workforce. While you remain firmly in control of daily operations. Fourth handles the essential human resource tasks including:

  • Payroll processing
  • Benefits administration
  • Recruitment and training
  • Compliance with labor laws
  • Garnishments
  • Workers’ compensation

Unlock HR expert support

Bid farewell to HR paperwork, payroll, and benefits administration and access on-demand HR consultants to support any HR initiatives or needs.

Attract and retain top talent

Access expert recruitment strategies, competitive benefits, and streamlined processes – so you can focus on fostering an engaging workplace.

Keep compliance in check

Say goodbye to legal worries and hello to a compliant, worry-free operation. We ensure accurate and up-to-date adherence to employment laws.

Easily navigate new markets

Ensure seamless compliance with local labor laws and regulations, allowing your business to expand confidently, even in highly compliant jurisdictions.

Participating In this promotion is as easy as:​

Opting in​​

Opt into this offer by clicking on any of the green buttons to speak to a sales representative.​

Deploying Fuego​

Deploy Fuego within two weeks with no impact to your existing operations.​

We’ll provide support to drive worker adoption.​

Registering your staff​

Register 50% of your hourly workers who get tips and wages through payroll within two months, and we’ll credit you three months of HotSchedules!​

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1, 2, 3 Source: NATPEO, The ROI of Using a PEO, Laurie Bassi and Dan McMurrer McBassi & Company 2019

* This offer is eligible to new customers who sign a 24-month contract for Fourth’s PEO service by January 31, 2024. Fourth will credit the payroll processing portion of PEO administration fees for three months at the end of the first year and three months at the end of the second year. The customer will still be responsible to pay costs related to processing and administering payroll, benefits, taxes, workers compensation, federal and state unemployment, and all other related costs for the duration of this contract and subsequent relationship with Fourth and its subsidiaries.

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