Get three months of HotSchedules — on us!

For a limited time, we’re offering three months of HotSchedules at no cost if you implement Fourth’s earned wage access solution, Fuego.*

A win-win for your business and your employees​

With Fuego's earned wage access solution, your employees can access 50% of the pay they’ve already earned at the end of each shift with no impact on your existing ops or HR processes and at no cost to you. Win-win.​

Reduce hiring and training costs​

79%​ Workers would be willing to switch employers for earned wage access.1

Improve T&A accuracy and overtime pay​

74%​ Workers reported fewer unplanned absences because of earned wage access.2

How to Activate Your Promotion​

Since Fuego seamlessly integrates with HotSchedules, it can be turned on with zero technical effort. In under two weeks, you and your workforce will benefit from earned wage access with zero disruption to your operations.​

Read our eBook to learn more about earned wage access.

Participating In this promotion is as easy as:​

Opting in​​

Opt into this offer by clicking on any of the green buttons to speak to a sales representative.​

Deploying Fuego​

Deploy Fuego within two weeks with no impact to your existing operations.​

We’ll provide support to drive worker adoption.​

Registering your staff​

Register 50% of your hourly workers who get tips and wages through payroll within two months, and we’ll credit you three months of HotSchedules!​

Ready to activate this offer?
Get in touch with one of our reps today!​

1, 2 Visa Insights 2019, Earned Wage Access survey.

* Offer is valid until 12/31. For you to get three months of HotSchedules free, you must reach a 50% registration rate of hourly employees who are paid tips and wages through payroll, within the first two months. Missed the 50% mark? Get one month free if you reach 30% registration rate in the same time-frame.​

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