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The Industry’s Best and Most Comprehensive Workforce Management Platform

Our fully-integrated workforce management solution is designed to help you hire, onboard, train, schedule, engage, and retain the best talent. With automated, simplified processes, robust analytics, and smart workflows, we lift the administrative burden. Managers get out of the back office and into the front of house, where they can help deliver outstanding guest experiences, and engage with their teams.

As your business grows, so does the burden of HR and payroll administration.
Through a combination of software and services, we free up your time so you can focus on serving your customers.

HR Services

Reduce your HR burden and liability. From unemployment claims to worker’s comp, you can turn to us for as much support as you need.

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Payroll Services

Accurate payroll and tax filings are just a phone call away. We provide your company with a dedicated payroll specialist that is focused on the hospitality industry.

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Professional Employer Organization

PEOs reduce administrative burden and achieve savings through economies of scale.

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HotSchedules Scheduling & Labor Management

Reduce the time it takes to create, communicate, and manage employee schedules. Our tools help limit employee scheduling errors, shortages, and overages. Plus, POS-generated labor and sales data will make your employee scheduling more accurate than ever.

Eliminate Scheduling Guesswork

Build more accurate schedules in a quarter of the time. Team members can suggest availability and shift swaps. Managers can approve or deny on any device with a single click.

Engage the Team and Limit Confusion

Access schedules, swap and pick up shifts, request time-off, approve shift transactions and communicate with team members, all on our full-featured mobile app.

Manage Labor & Compliance

Comply with complex, geographically-specific labor laws and manage to healthcare requirements. Avoid unnecessary overtime, fees and fines, payroll mishaps, early clock-ins, and employee turnover.

Demand Forecasting

Our back office solution uses an advanced algorithm to accurately forecast sales, guests, transactions, deliveries, and items sold in 60, 30, and 15-minute increments. With an accurate understanding of what is needed, managers can match scheduled labor with forecasted activity, increasing productivity and the ability to drive sales.

Optimize Your Labor

See exactly how many employees you need to meet demand – including non-revenue-generating activities, like prep and clean-up.

Never Settle

Know where you stand with forecast and schedules based on hourly data updates. Identify trends that require action, such as forecast variances, excessive comps and voids to make improvements as you go.

Boost the Bottom Line

Stop under- or over-scheduling and gain overall labor margin improvement. Accurate staffing levels also mean more opportunities to up-sell and turn tables, driving top-line sales.

Improve the Guest Experience

Deliver the optimal guest experience by having the right number of employees on each shift. Customers will spend more, return more often, and give positive word of mouth.

Time and Attendance

Paying your team members accurately and on time is key to job satisfaction and retention. Time & Attendance gives your managers the tools to quickly generate aggregated punch data for all locations. The intuitive user interface simplifies the process of flagging exceptions for missing breaks, overtime, the variance between actual and scheduled hours, and more.

Enforce clock-ins and reduce time theft Aggregate time card, tip and break entries, and process payroll faster
Give employees time card and payroll history within HotSchedules Export aggregated time card information to popular third-party payroll vendors
Keep payroll compliant with special pay calculations for meals, breaks and predictive scheduling Add the WebClock for a mobile option with geo-fencing cost controls

Sales and Labor Analytics

Understand Critical Information about your Workforce

People are your greatest asset, but also the biggest cost, so it’s important to fully understand all aspects of your workforce. Labor Analytics helps managers optimize their labor models and adapt to changing business dynamics.

Understand Performance in One View

View all labor information in one place – absences, performance issues, average revenue per check, average clock in times, average tip earnings, and much, much more. Use employee balanced scorecards to get factual insights into employee performance.

Spot Trends & See What’s Important

Spot trends and see what’s important to your business with customizable dashboards. Stay on top of sales and traffic trends by restaurant and day.

Identify Opportunities

Save up to 2% in labor costs by analyzing over-spend and under-spend. Detailed reports help you to identify throughput and revenue opportunities.

Employee Engagement

Happy employees = happy customers. Engaged teams are more productive, deliver better service, drive top-line sales, and are more likely to stay. Our solutions are designed to help you improve your company culture and retain your top employees.

Encourage Collaboration

In-app messaging tools including broadcast messages and shift surveys boost engagement and team bonding – while keeping everyone in the loop.

Boost Brand Compliance & Communication

Easily share content and important information to ensure everyone is on the same page. This helps strengthen the culture within your business while maintaining compliance with brand policies, news, and updates.

Enable Self-Service

Give the team easy access to your CEO’s latest message and their manager’s shift notes. The mobile app ensures that your team stays in touch with each other and your brand, where ever they are.


Logbook connects your tasks, teams, processes, and data in a single application, giving insight into all of the tasks and applications used to manage the daily, weekly, and ad hoc objectives of the operator.

Streamline Communications

Create, track and record tasks, follow-ups, maintenance, and more from one, centralized, mobile logbook. The latest shift notes are always available, so managers can communicate critical info, and owners gain operational insights.

Make Your To-Dos To-Dones

Get the industry’s best checklists for managers and team members. Stay on top of checklists, procedures, and communications with notifications for every task.

Get Your Shift Together

Ensure food-safety compliance via temperature monitoring and get alerts to track task completion and site performance.


Foundation marries business processes, internal and external data, flexible reporting, and daily workflows to help managers productively plan and adapt to changes throughout their shift.


Drive your brand’s unique set of standard operating procedures with fully customizable workflows to help store managers meet daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Clear objectives and step-by-step guidance supports a smooth manager onboarding process and sets them up for success.


Our back office solution uses an advanced algorithm to accurately forecast sales, guests, transactions, deliveries, and items sold in 60, 30, and 15-minute increments. With an accurate understanding of what is needed, managers can match scheduled labor with forecasted activity, increasing productivity and the ability to drive sales.

Point-of-Sale Integration

With over 30 POS integration ranging from old cash registers to the latest cloud-based POS, our solutions ensure you have access to the critical transaction data produced by these systems. Our solutions leverage this data to allow you to manage and report on all aspects of your business.

Centralized Inventory and Recipe Management Control

Reduce operational costs and control your inventory process across your stores with real-time, perpetual tracking of product through its life-cycle including; purchasing, receiving, sales, transfers, waste, and other adjustments.

Mobile Counting

Count what you can see instead of reconciling a sheet from a back office. Our mobile app makes counting fast and easy while eliminating paper and minimizing errors. Counts can be completed offline, with all data being uploaded to the system once a signal is available.

Purchasing and Procurement

With demand forecasting, you’ll know exactly what you need — and when you need it. Purchase from approved suppliers, and pay only for what you actually received.

Suggested Ordering

Our suggested ordering and guest service planning functionality uses the centrally generated sales forecast to help each site order the right products in the right quantities.


Real-time reporting capabilities and mobile dashboards support data-driven decision-making and transparency between in-store and above-store management. Keep track of critical KPIs including sales, inventory, cash, and labor through dashboards and standard operational reports supporting each back-office function. Direct access to your data is made possible through the Remote Data Store. Replicated in near-real-time, administrators can extract data for analysis in your choice of third-party BI tools.

Financials and Cash

Track the movement of cash at every point, from customer payment at a POS to safe drops to bank deposits. With tools that monitor shorts or paid-outs, and confirm all amounts for shifts and the day, managers are able to quickly spot any issues and make corrective decisions that positively impact the bottom line.