Below is a current list of the sub-processors authorized to process personal data for HotSchedules and Fourth services.

Updates to Sub-Processor List

This sub-processor List may be updated by HotSchedules and Fourth from time to time. Please check back at this URL frequently for an up to date listing of our sub-processors.

Subscribing to Updates to the Sub-Processor List

To subscribe to updates to HotSchedules and Fourth’s sub-processor List, please follow the posts on the Fourth Community.

Requesting More Information about a Sub-Processor

If you would like to receive any additional information about any sub-processors in respect of the role it plays for HotSchedules and Fourth and its security controls, please make the request via email to with “Information Request” in the subject line.


Support/service management. Location – UK and USA.

Wagestream Limited

Nominated Provider of Fourth’s Salary Service (on-demand pay). Location – UK.

TrustID Limited

Provider of RTW checks for Fourth’s ATS solution. Location UK.


Provider of T&A hardware (clocks) (Workforce Management). Location – EU. See “T&A and Biometric Data” at


CRM database provider, including hosting. All solutions. Locations – EU, UK and USA.

Running with Knives

Authorised reseller and provider of implementation services (Workforce Management Products and FnB Live). Location – UK.


Cloud Hosting Services (ISO 27001 certified; SOC1, SOC2 audited). Location – USA. ApS, t/a GatewayAPI

SMS messaging provider for Fourth’s ATS solution. Location EU.


Mobile user journey logging provider. All solutions, excluding Adaco. Location – USA.

Microsoft Azure

Public cloud hosting provider. All solutions. Location – EU, US, and APAC.

SaaS logging platform. All solutions. Location – EU.


Analytics provider (Inventory solution). Locations – EU and USA.