Exploring trends and issues within the hospitality sector, and how companies small and large can harness the power of technology to overcome these challenges and thrive.

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Fourth at the NRA - Highlights from the Fourth and Bar Louie keynote

Written by: Catherine Marshall

At the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Fourth's Director of Labor Productivity, Karina Coen, and Bar Louie's Jessica Carolyn delivered a keynote on the Science of Scheduling, and how a new approach to scheduling has driven deployment of team at 85 percent correct hours, and saved managers five hours per week.

Plan now for a successful summer

Written by: Andrew Levey

As we head into the summer months and the weather starts to improve, you will need to make sure that staff schedules and absences are properly managed to make sure the surge in customer traffic is met, and the guest experience isn’t compromised.

Waste reduction becomes key activity for operators

Written by: Angela Hart, Solutions Architect, Fourth

Hospitality operators lose multi-billions of dollars through food waste, making it one of the biggest costs in the hospitality industry. Yet, less than half track food waste in their operations as a way to increase profit. Find out the ways waste happens, how technology can help track and cut it and what to look for in a waste-tracking system.

Federal nutrition-labeling law hits American menus, brings hidden costs

Written by: Angela Hart, Solutions Architect, Fourth

A new federal law that aims to get Americans to make healthier decisions when they dine out will create a new operational cost for certain restaurants. Starting May 7, 2018, some U.S. restaurants will have to include nutritional information on menus. This might help thin American waist lines, but it will also impact restaurant bottom lines. Learn more about the law and how it will impact your business.

It's a people business

Written by: Andrew Levey

There's no doubt that the restaurant and hospitality sector is one of the most complex industries to work in when it comes to HR, with multiple roles, seasonal workers, service charges, and a host of other factors that make getting HR, scheduling and payroll right more difficult than other industries. So how do you select the best technology to not only get these elements right, but really drive the people agenda?

Tax reform rewards workers, creates payroll challenges

Written by: Jennifer Specht, Payroll Operations Manager

The U.S. government’s recent tax reform has been a boon for American workers, who now see bigger paychecks. Meanwhile, operators have had to bear the headaches and worry about getting payroll systems aligned to the new tax code. On top of that, more change is on the way thanks to 50 state governments that want to recoup their losses related to federal tax reform. Read more about the tax reform changes you need to know about to keep payroll running smoothly.

POS is the key

Written by: Andrew Levey

Point of Sale (POS) data is one of the most powerful data streams for a restaurant. But you need to make sure you have the right POS system in place. So what should you look out for to make sure you get the most from your POS data?

Insightful analytics tap into the data goldmine

Written by: Mike Shipley

Hospitality operators sit upon a data goldmine, but too much of this data is siloed. With insightful analysis, they can free the data to work for the business. They can see one version of the truth in context to make effective strategic and operational decisions to grow profit. But the massive amount of data and number of sources involved requires good systems and processes.

Waste not, want not – and boost restaurant profitability

Written by: Ben Lee, Director of Project Management, Fourth

Too many restaurant operators run their prep planning based on guesswork or instinct. Unscientific and far from accurate, this leads to leading to billions of dollars in annual food waste. Instead, they should buy stock and manage kitchen production using analysis, calculation and forecasting. Find out how the right system makes prep planning a way to save money instead of wasting it.

Avoid minimum wage risks with biometrics

Written by: Billy Waters, Solution Architect.

The uniqueness of the hospitality sector brings specific challenges to a variety of compliance issues, including meeting minimum wage requirements. In this post, Billy Waters looks at what constitutes working time, and how you can make sure you get accurate records of exactly when employees start and finish work.

Big Data: Move from analyzing the past to forecasting the future

Written by: Mike Shipley, Analytics & Insight Director, Fourth.

Hospitality operators ignore piles of data that hold the potential to improve operations dramatically and boost the bottom line. It’s time to unlock Big Data and harness its power to gain a holistic view of the business, increase efficiency and be operationally nimble.

Farm-to-Table trend won’t abate, nor will the challenges.

Written by: Angela Hart, Solutions Architect, Fourth.

Growing American demand for locally sourced, Farm-to-Table fare brings new challenges to restaurateurs. Buying and sourcing gets more complicated, seasonality and weather fluctuations become more important and costs rise. Those armed with the right back-office systems can thrive.

Employee engagement drives productivity and customer satisfaction.

Written by: Simon Bocca, COO, Fourth.

For an industry where high turnover is the norm, it’s crucial operators keep employees engaged. Not only does it keep staff more productive, it raises attendance rates, improves customer satisfaction and cuts training costs. Every corporate culture is unique, and technology is at the vanguard of enhanced employee engagement.

Customer satisfaction: More than just good product and polite staff.

Written by: Karina Coen, Director, Fourth Labor Productivity.

In the hospitality business, customer service and satisfaction are imperative. But no matter how well your staff is trained, delicious your menu items are or how modern your décor is, the right interdependent systems and processes set you apart from the competition. Learn more here about the back-office and staff considerations that make all the difference.

Fourth's hospitality trends for 2018

Written by: Simon Bocca, Fourth COO

The hotel guests and restaurant-goers of 2017 have long checked out and left behind empty plates. With last year now in the rearview mirror, Fourth serves up some of the trends we expect to challenge and bring opportunity to hospitality operators in 2018.

Don't let the minimum wage be a maximum headache

Written by: Simon Bocca, Fourth COO

An ongoing lag in the minimum wage’s purchasing power has spurred socio-economic movements that threaten to increase the hospitality sector’s cost of doing business, especially if operators don’t manage properly their back offices.