Exploring trends and issues within the hospitality sector, and how companies small and large can harness the power of technology to overcome these challenges and thrive.

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Mobilize your purchase-to-pay and inventory

Written by: Stewart Maranello

Mobile technology can help you eliminate paper from your purchase-to-pay and inventory processes, which reduces errors and administration. Take a look at how goods receiving and inventory counting can be improved with mobile solutions.

Too much of a good thing: Overscheduling and overordering

Written by: Angela Hart & Karina Coen

Overindulgence is fine for restaurant patrons, but overordering and overstaffing are indulgences that can really hurt a restaurant operator’s bottom line. Help avoid those situations with a strong procurement strategy, menu engineering and analytical reporting that’s supported by the right technology partner. Learn more here.

Employee retention already in the palm of your hand

Written by: Andrew Levey

As an operator, you may like your legacy system -- it’s comfortable and gets the job done. But what about your staff? Archaic, inefficient legacy systems can alienate the best, brightest young talent. With high turnover and rising costs to find and train new talent, retention is a must. And a good way to keep employees, particularly younger ones, is to use Big Data and technology to give staff the information and tools they value through the same mobile devices and style of apps they enjoy using in their daily lives. Learn more here.

Menu labeling - thinking beyond compliance

Written by: Andrew Levey

There’s a lot of information available about the recent food labeling regulations, the impact on chain restaurants and food establishments, and how technology can help businesses comply. If we think beyond compliance, however, there’s also an opportunity to increase guest satisfaction and attract new business.

Increasing restaurant profits through optimized purchasing

Written by: Andrew Levey

Restaurants are facing increasing labor costs, rising food prices and additional costs through new menu labeling legislation, so it’s no surprise that operators are looking at a number of ways to reduce their costs. Here we take a look at the purchasing process, and how technology can help automate and gain control.

Are you ready to be transformed?

Written by: Andrew Levey

Smart operators are having revolutionary conversations with their technology vendors. Instead of buying single clever products, they are asking them to help transform their business.

How to address restaurant payroll challenges

Written by: Andrew Levey

How can you make sure your managers won’t have to spend precious time fixing mistakes – or that you won’t have to pay hefty fines for non-compliance with federal, state or city minimum wage laws?

Big data… but what data?

Written by: Mike Shipley

Exactly what sorts of data come together to create Big Data?
Here are the types of data hospitality operators need to know. Then, learn how this data married together creates leading indicators that help owners see and react to operational issues before they become bigger problems.

Happier guests through happier employees

Written by: Andrew Levey

It’s common sense that happier employees provide better service. If they’re run ragged every day, they’re unlikely to see work in a positive light – and this will be reflected in their interaction with customers. So how do you improve the happiness of your employees so they're providing the best service to your guests?

How to increase your restaurant’s profitability

Written by: Andrew Levey

With increasing pressures from rising food and labor costs, plus increasing legislation such as the new menu labeling requirements from the FDA, running your restaurant profitably can be a real challenge. You therefore need to examine ways that you can increase efficiency, increase sales and reduce costs. But where do you start?

Internet of Things ushers in the connected restaurant

Written by: Christian Berthelsen, Chief Technology Officer, Fourth

Restaurants and hotels are only just beginning to use the power of the Internet of Things to automate tedious operations and make sense of huge amounts of data. From keeping employees engaged to tailoring the customer experience, IoT (Internet of Things) changes everything. Learn more about what it can do and how to best set up the connected restaurant and hotel.

Big Data’s day in the life of a restaurant

Written by: Mike Shipley, Analytics and Insight Solutions Director, Fourth

Big Data brings together large amounts of siloed information in one place to make it more meaningful and useful. But it has a different impact on each hospitality worker. Check out how work life gets easier and more efficient for each restaurant persona after data is harnessed.

How technology can help you hold on to your star performers

Written by: Andrew Levey

Recruiting and retaining staff is essential but difficult - especially in restaurants and the hospitality sector. Our new Employee Retention Guide gives you some hints and tips on how to engage your employees and shows how Fourth's solutions can help improve retention.

Fourth at the NRA - Highlights from the Fourth and Bar Louie keynote

Written by: Catherine Marshall

At the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Fourth's Director of Labor Productivity, Karina Coen, and Bar Louie's Jessica Carolyn delivered a keynote on the Science of Scheduling, and how a new approach to scheduling has driven deployment of team at 85 percent correct hours, and saved managers five hours per week.

Plan now for a successful summer

Written by: Andrew Levey

As we head into the summer months and the weather starts to improve, you will need to make sure that staff schedules and absences are properly managed to make sure the surge in customer traffic is met, and the guest experience isn’t compromised.

Waste reduction becomes key activity for operators

Written by: Angela Hart, Solutions Architect, Fourth

Hospitality operators lose multi-billions of dollars through food waste, making it one of the biggest costs in the hospitality industry. Yet, less than half track food waste in their operations as a way to increase profit. Find out the ways waste happens, how technology can help track and cut it and what to look for in a waste-tracking system.

Federal nutrition-labeling law hits American menus, brings hidden costs

Written by: Angela Hart, Solutions Architect, Fourth

A new federal law that aims to get Americans to make healthier decisions when they dine out will create a new operational cost for certain restaurants. Starting May 7, 2018, some U.S. restaurants will have to include nutritional information on menus. This might help thin American waist lines, but it will also impact restaurant bottom lines. Learn more about the law and how it will impact your business.