Exploring trends and issues within the hospitality sector, and how companies small and large can harness the power of technology to overcome these challenges and thrive.

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Fourth's hospitality trends for 2018

Written by: Simon Bocca, Fourth COO

The hotel guests and restaurant-goers of 2017 have long checked out and left behind empty plates. With last year now in the rearview mirror, Fourth serves up some of the trends we expect to challenge and bring opportunity to hospitality operators in 2018.

Don't let the minimum wage be a maximum headache

Written by: Simon Bocca, Fourth COO

An ongoing lag in the minimum wage’s purchasing power has spurred socio-economic movements that threaten to increase the hospitality sector’s cost of doing business, especially if operators don’t manage properly their back offices.

New address, same powerful global solutions that help over 1,100 companies in hospitality work smarter

Written by: Catherine Marshall

Hospitality can sometimes feel like an inhospitable chore, trying to keep food costs in line, maintain proper inventory levels and staffing correctly for demand – not to mention rising workforce costs, broad macro-economic changes, technological disruption and customer demands and expectations that evolve quickly. So how do you address these back-office challenges?

Five ways restaurants can prepare for ACA

Written by: Sheryl Steele, Fourth director of payroll operations

Whether you call it the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, the U.S. government’s solution to the nation’s healthcare problems has served restaurant operators an unsavory bowl of tough choices and complexity.

Machine learning can make hospitality business more predictable

Written by: Christian Berthelsen, CTO of Fourth

For an industry that prides itself on providing quick service for its customers, the restaurant sector has traditionally been slow to research, invest in and adopt new technologies. Other industries have taken advantage of new software and technology, and Fourth believes the restaurant industry should as well.

5 ways to increase profits in hospitality

Written by: Andrew Levey

With rising food prices, minimum wage rises and increases in business rates, hospitality businesses are definitely feeling the pressure. So while external factors are uncertain and largely out of your control, where can you look internally to tackle these challenges and increase profits in hospitality?

Fourth at NRA Chicago 2017: Everyone’s talking about…#6: The evolution of hospitality

Written by: Catherine Marshall

This year the Fourth team visited the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago to meet old friends and make new ones, listen, learn and see the amazing new developments in the US market - about 10x the size of the UK market. Over four days, the organizers claim that nearly 50,000 restaurant professionals from all over the US and beyond will visit.

Fourth at NRA Chicago 2017: Everyone’s talking about…#3: US restaurant consumer trends

Written by: Catherine Marshall

This is the third of a short series of blogs we hope will provide an interesting glimpse into some of the industry issues occupying the minds of US restaurant leadership.

Having looked at both employee turnover and employee engagement in the previous two blogs, this blog looks at the other side of the counter: the consumers and the new trends that are currently surfacing in the US restaurant sector.

Fourth at NRA Chicago 2017: Everyone’s talking about…#2: Restaurant employee engagement

Written by: Catherine Marshall

This is the second in a series of short blogs which I hope will provide an interesting glimpse into some of the industry issues occupying the minds of US restaurant leadership. The next topic follows on from the previous blog on the issue of high restaurant employee turnover and looks at the issue of employee engagement within the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Challenges - A Perfect Storm

Written by: James Barry

​​​​​​​A recent report from the National Restaurant Association looked at the current state of affairs for restaurants. Safe to say, hospitality faces quite a few challenges this year.

3-way invoice matching - what it is and how it works

Written by: Paul Mortensen and Omar Faruq

The process of 3-way invoice matching is simply matching information in a purchase order (PO), a goods received note (GRN), and an invoice. Done manually, it can be quite a lengthy process, which is why many businesses choose to automate 3-way invoice matching to reduce administration time in accounts payable and provide valuable insights into supplier delivery and pricing compliance.

How to forecast demand in the hospitality industry – 4 proven steps

Written by: Dom Daly

Demand forecasting is never easy: getting it wrong can lead to loss of potential sales, wastage and, worst of all, unhappy customers. The issue with knowing how to forecast demand is that it takes a lot of experience, and sometimes experience doesn’t appear until just after you need it.

Recipe & menu engineering tips: how to make money from your menu

Written by: Claire Brearley

Getting recipe and menu engineering right can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right tools or processes in place to help you. Having worked as a GM in various restaurants and pubs, I’ve had a lot of experience of what you should and shouldn’t be doing – I hope you find my recipe and menu engineering tips useful!

Hospitality Big Data Analytics

Written by: Mike Shipley

It may seem like just another buzz-word, but big data analytics has the power to completely revolutionise the hospitality industry...