Fourth at the 2019 NRA Show: The power of fully-integrated systems

Written by: Jane Handel

Integrated Back-Office Systems: Live from the NRAWe’ve been talking to so many wonderful people over the last few days at the 100th annual National Restaurant Association Show. One of the key pain-points that emerged in our discussions was a general frustration with juggling disparate systems, and the lack of shared data among them. 

While some operators mentioned that certain tools they used were able to communicate with others, many told us how disparate systems create a lot of headaches: extra work for managers, errors that compound as data flows through the system, and hunting for information in multiple places (often with the burden of re-keying it, too). These operators have a key opportunity to increase operational efficiency.

Without a clear, clean, and accurate set of data flowing through the core back-office and integrated systems, it’s difficult to effectively manage inventory, ensure payroll accuracy and HR compliance, engineer your recipes to meet demand while staying within budget, plan labor spend and scheduling accurately, and optimize on the go. 

To take full advantage of savings, maximize efficiency, drive profit, decrease busywork and increase productivity, a fully-integrated system is critical. When Point of Sale (POS) systems can seamlessly integrate with menu prep, HR, scheduling and purchasing, data is shared instantly among them. Integrated back-office systems help you streamline your operations, remove error, save time, and deliver savings to your bottom-line.

Most importantly, fully-integrated analytics helps draw correlations from workforce data, purchasing, POS, sentiment data from review sites, presence data and much more—giving you clear visibility into the inner workings of your operation, while identifying opportunities for improvement. 

Plus, the right system will let your team work from anywhere, so they aren’t tethered to the back office. We’ve seen it time and again: getting mangers into the front of house where they can engage with guests and motivate their teams boosts morale and improves guest satisfaction. 
To learn how fully-integrated systems can help your restaurant achieve more, download our complimentary white paper. Or, get in touch with us here. We’d love to share how the Fourth solution can simplify your back-office operations. 

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