Meet the Villains: Part 1

Written by: Jane Handel

There are many foes in the hospitality industry—they take the form of wasted time, effort and cash, causing havoc and frustration for your employees and guests alike. The better you know them, the better prepared you and your team will be. Welcome to our Meet-the-Villain series. Stay tuned as we introduce you to the villains who thrive on operational inefficiencies and share our tips for how to fight the good fight.

Meet the Restaurant Industry Back-Office Villains

Part 1: The Busywork Beast in the Back-office Lair

Busywork Beast in the Back-Office LairHiding in every back office lair is a Busywork Beast. Often in the shape of a desktop computer, this troublemaker can make even the simplest task feel like a struggle. This Beast has backup: printer issues, Excel-based reporting, inability to share data across systems, manual re-entry (which leads to errors), plus manual back-ups and lost information, buried notices and wasted paper. The Busywork Beast has the power to trap your managers in its Back-office Lair, keeping them from interacting with their teams, spending time in the front of house with guests, and getting their work done efficiently. How can you save them from these evil clutches, and empower them to do their jobs well?

Luckily, there are ways to transform your general managers into superheroes, fully equipped to battle the Busywork Beast and others. With mobile-optimized systems and easy-to-use solutions for things like inventory management, managing schedules, and receiving goods, your team will have more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks, and will spend less time tethered to the back office with mindless busywork.

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