Menu Management for Food Service & Catering Operations

Streamline the Production of Compliant Menus Across Distributed Organizations
Fourth enables Food Service Directors and culinary teams to centrally develop menu cycles with ease, account for nutrition and allergen requirements, monitor costs and profitability, and address food labelling requirements in a mobile, cloud-based system. Foodservice dashboards and reports enhance visibility at specific locations or across the entire operation.

Automate the Process

Inventory management is automated, streamlined, and accurate— ensuring that your menus are compelling, cost-effective, and nutrition and allergen compliant.


Monitor the Margins

Control your food costs regardless of commodities fluctuation and protect the business from menus with hidden costs that could reduce profitability.

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Maintain Compliance

Increasing regulation regarding nutrition and allergen menu labelling mean you must be prepared to calculate and display this information for your guests.


Increase Visibility

Fully integrated with our analytics solution, Menu Management gives you meaningful data in intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards and reports. Customize the view and share information quickly and easily. Get full visibility at the location level and across the whole organization.

Menu Cycles

Menu planning and publishing across a multi-property operation can become tedious and inconsistent without centralized planning and publishing. This complex task has become more difficult, and potential errors pose a greater risk to your business, as consumer health concerns and government regulations regarding nutrition labeling become the norm. Centrally plan, publish and analyze the profitability and nutritional components of your menus with Menu Cycles.

Recipe Card
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Build with Ease

Full and varied menu cycles are easy to plan and build, using a weekly view that shows all the different meal periods for each day and the recipes allocated to each period.


Get the Full View

Full menu cost, nutritional analysis, and allergen information are available for any given day or week within the cycle.

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Take Control

Once published centrally, menus are instantly available to the right locations at the right times via PCs or tablets, giving you complete control.

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Easily share important information with groups, teams, or the entire business, while ensuring employees can access document libraries in one place.

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Fourth Analytics and Reporting

Make decisions based on the latest facts and one version of the truth with our integrated reporting and analytics capability. Review and share pre-built dashboards on menu cycle planning, nutrition by menu cycle, planned and actual covers, postproduction planning by recipe and menu items. View data by menu cycle, location, date and daypart.


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