Building a Team Playbook During COVID

Understanding how other concepts are adapting to the new environment and steps they are taking to re-open safely. 

As states work their way to reopening, independent restaurant owners grapple with the fact that they might not have the infrastructure needed in this ‘new normal’ in time for opening day.

For states that have reopened – most consumers are still hesitant to visit restaurants in-person, and may even question that a small business has the resources available to operate safely. Hear from Dan Fugman, Owner of Max Gill & Grill and David Cash, Owner of Smoky Rose, who are at different points in their reopening journey, as they share what they’ve learned thus far from the front lines.

We’ll cover:

  • What Dallas-restaurant owner plans to do with the PPP money
  • How oyster-concept in Denver engages with their customers & competition in unconventional ways
  • How each brand plans to rehire, implement new safety procedures, and ultimately create a ‘safe haven’ for team members and guests

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