Case Study

P.F. Chang’s and HotSchedules

Read how P.F. Chang’s cut down on over/under staffing and reduced scheduling time by 75%
  • Scheduling 150+ employees working more than 650 different shifts each week was time consuming and laborious for managers
  • Over-staffing was a frequent problem
  • Managers had to try to create schedules at home using pen and paper, since they didn’t have enough time while in the restaurant


  • Time to create schedules was reduced by 75%
  • Employee morale measurably improved due to increased flexibility and control
  • Labor budgeting tools ensure the right employees are scheduled at the right time with reduced incidents of over/under-staffing


HotSchedules and P.F. Chang’s

Tired of dealing with the stress and complexities of scheduling tools that are simply unscalable?

P.F. Chang’s turned to HotSchedules to not only deliver best-in-class scheduling and labor management, but also more robust reporting and forecasting capabilities.

The program is very easy and highly effective…
Through each implementation, the HotSchedules team
managed and supported the program so it did not weigh on our IT or training staff.

Peggy Rubenzer

Previously VP of Training, P.F. Chang's

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