Newk’s Eatery Case Study

Learn how Newk’s leveraged workforce management technology to automate scheduling and protect against wrongful employment claims

Better Schedules, Improved Visibility—a Complete Labor Management Solution

Good food isn’t the only thing Newk’s Eatery has going for it. As the popular fast Casual brand grew, so did their need for an all-in-one labor managemenet solution. In 2008 they rolled out HotSchedules, saving managers time and money.

  • Managers using disparate and cumbersome processes to create their schedules
  • Scheduling errors commonplace
  • Outdated schedules often posted by accident
  • No corporate-level visibility
  • 75% reduction in time to create schedules
  • 0.6% reduction in labor costs initially, with 2-3% predicted without increase in hourly rate
  • Won EEOC wrongful termination case using HotSchedules Logbook

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We went from taking 3-4 hours creating schedules, to 45 minutes—an hour—max. That saves a lot of money on wasted labor and allows us to be more focused on store operations.

Odair Ferro

General Manager, Newk's Eatery

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