Paid Sick Leave Now an Option in HotSchedules Time-Off Requests

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Let’s admit it. We’ve all gone to work when we probably should have been in quarantine recovering from sickness. After all, in the restaurant industry, rent must be paid and the show must go on! And yet, in an industry where food-borne illness is a daily threat, the decision to work rather than sleep it off could prove risky to both the health of your business and your customers.

Paid sick leave is a pretty standard benefit for most businesses and yet, the restaurant industry lags behind. For the last few years, there has been growing support on the state-level to extend this benefit to the hourly worker. In fact, California mandated paid sick leave in 2015 – even for part-time, temporary and seasonal employees. The law requires that the employer track both the accrual and use of their guaranteed (up to) 24 hours of annual sick leave.

Connecticut, California, Massachusetts Washington, D.C., and Oregon have state-wide mandates while 22 local jurisdictions including New York City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a few cities in New Jersey have enacted earned sick time legislation or approved paid sick leave programs.

HotSchedules Has Your Paid Time Off Covered

In 2015, we introduced Paid Time Off as a companion feature to the popular Requests. Employees can make informal “requests” for a day off (no manager notification) while more formal requests with advance notice fall under the heading of “time off.” It’s an optional feature that can be turned on if your company chooses to offer this benefit. Read more about the difference between the two features here.

If you operate in a city or state with a paid time off mandate, we recommend you add the Time Off feature to your HotSchedules account. This will ensure that sick leave requests override any cut-off limits and blocked days that are set in the system as a response to standard requests. Paid Time Off can easily be exported via an API and passed on to a payroll vendor.

If you would like to turn on the Time-Off feature, just reach out to HotSchedules Customer Care– by phone or email. To read more about the difference between Time-Off and Requests, check out the release notes on this topic.

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