Back Office Capabilities for the QSR Industry

Go Fourth and conquer the day with our intelligent workforce and inventory management technology for restaurants.

Fourth’s cloud-based, global back-office suite enables quick serve and fast casual operators success through intuitive applications that forecast needs, control food and labor costs, and drive consistent, predictable operations. Adopted by marquee brands around the world, this platform is built around a workflow application that helps managers stay on task, adapt to changing expectations, and never lose sight of their objectives. Centralized purchasing workflows, data management, analytics, and reporting add up to total transparency and compliance, increased revenues, and lower costs.

Scheduling & Labor Management

Give your GM’s more time in the day with HotSchedules, the industry leading scheduling solution. Improve demand forecasting, auto-schedule the optimal number of staff, and realize labor savings in as soon as 3 weeks. Plus, the mobile app and communication tools make it easier than ever for employees to stay connected and swap, drop, and pickup shifts.

  • Eliminate Scheduling Guesswork
  • Engage the Team & Limit Confusion
  • Manage Labor & Compliance

Time & Attendance

Paying your team members accurately and on time is key to job satisfaction and retention. Time & Attendance gives your managers the tools to quickly generate aggregated punch data for all locations. The intuitive user interface simplifies the process of flagging exceptions for missing breaks, overtime, the variance between actual and scheduled hours, and more.

Demand Forecasting

Fourth’s back office solution uses an advanced algorithm to accurately forecast sales, guests, transactions, deliveries, and items sold in 60, 30, and 15-minute increments. With an accurate understanding of what is needed, managers can match scheduled labor with forecasted activity, increasing productivity and the ability to drive sales.

Sales & Labor Analytics

People are your greatest asset, but also the biggest cost, so it’s important to fully understand all aspects of your workforce. Labor Analytics helps managers optimize their labor models and adapt to changing business dynamics.

  • Understand Performance in One View
  • Spot Trends & See What’s Important
  • Identify Opportunities for Optimization

Centralized Inventory & Recipe Management Control

Reduce operational costs and control your inventory process across your stores with real-time, perpetual tracking of product through its life-cycle including; purchasing, receiving, sales, transfers, waste, and other adjustments.

  • Mobile Counting
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Suggested Ordering


Real-time reporting capabilities and mobile dashboards support data-driven decision-making and transparency between in-store and above-store management. Keep track of critical KPIs including sales, inventory, cash, and labor through dashboards and standard operational reports supporting each back-office function.

Task Management

Logbook connects your tasks, teams, processes, and data in a single application, giving insight into all of the tasks and applications used to manage the daily, weekly, and ad hoc objectives of the operator.

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