Simplified Restaurant Forecasting in Non-Integrated HotSchedules

See how menu, purchasing, and inventory excellence drives profitability.

As a HotSchedules customer, restaurant forecasting is possible even if your site is not integrated to a POS. Managers can store their projected and actual sales and labor data by entering it into the Proforma.

This latest release makes restaurant forecasting even easier!

Once you have entered the sales (and even guest counts), just head on over to the new Scheduling tab. As you build your schedule, you will see key metrics like Labor % and SPLH (sales per labor hour) at the bottom of the screen, as illustrated in the screenshot below. If you enter guest counts as well, then LH100 (labor hour per 100 guests) and GPLH (guests per labor hour) will also be available from the same tab. No need to run a report to generate this information – eliminating a step, simplifying the forecasting process.

As HotSchedules customers know, we released a significant update to the Scheduling tab over the course of 2016.

We designed the new interface with the goal of presenting more information on a single screen so that managers can build better schedules faster. Now, non-integrated, forecasting pros will get even more time savings and scheduling accuracy from the new Scheduler.

Still have questions about recording sales and labor data in HotSchedules?

Our Help Center has a helpful video and Quick Guide to guide you through the process. If you don’t have access to update projections or actuals on the Proforma, just reach out to Customer Care. They will be happy to help you out!

Have you considered adding a time and attendance integration to HotSchedules? Check out this blog to see how non-integrated customers can avoid time theft in the workplace by utilizing our Time and Attendance module.

In Case You Missed It…

The HotSchedules Release Notes are full of great information. They are published every two weeks on our awesome new Help Center! Be sure to bookmark the page and come back often.

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