The Changing Landscape of the Hotel & Leisure Industry

Adapt to demand to boost productivity and inventory performance

Driving Agility in Workforce and Inventory Operations

Delivering a Branded Recruitment Experience
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Delivering a Branded Recruitment Experience

Competition to recruit from an increasingly scarce talent pool of experienced hotel workers is becoming more challenging by the day. Successfully hiring skilled staff and finding young new talent means taking a proactive approach to hiring by delivering a personalized recruitment experience and a speedier time to hire.

Stand out from competitors by giving department managers a recruitment tool that serves their individual hiring needs while automating each step of your hiring process so that time-consuming repetitive tasks are automated, and the hiring process is made seamless from start to finish.

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Building an Agile Workforce

Recent market challenges have fast-tracked digital transformation across the hotel industry, reshaping the guest journey into a contactless experience through online check-in, digitized room keys, and booking hotel services online through mobile apps. This has disrupted traditional roles and provided the opportunity for hotels to build an agile workforce where staff with mutable skills can be deployed across departments to service guests, against unpredictable levels of customer demand.

Automating labor standards for all departments and using actual real-time customer demand to calculate the optimum hours needed to deliver a high standard service, allows a hotel to build an agile workforce that can adapt to fit the needs of the business to drive ongoing success.

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Building an Agile Workforce
Simplifying Payroll
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Simplifying Payroll On-Demand Pay

Payroll is a complex process and prone to errors that increase the risk of penalties and late payments that undermine the morale of staff, leading to high staff turnover. Combine staff scheduling with an automated payroll service that simplifies the entire payroll process so that staff is paid correctly and on time.

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Increase retention rates by up to 36% and attract 2x more new talent by offering the flexibility for staff to access their earned wages on-demand when they want to get paid – increasing staff wellbeing and building a workforce that is loyal and committed to the success of your business.

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Driving Inventory Efficiency

A vital aspect of providing guests with a consistently memorable experience is efficiently managing inventory across the entire hotel operations.

From housekeeping replacing room amenities to chefs replenishing food items, to spa restocking treatments, inventory is a continuous cycle affected by delays caused by time-consuming manual tasks and lengthy approval processes that extend delivery timelines.

Adopt an inventory management service that tracks inventory levels from a bed to a teaspoon of flour and streamlines the ordering and purchasing process across all departments so that your inventory is delivered where it’s needed when it’s needed and at the right price.

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Driving Inventory Efficiency

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