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Remove Bottlenecks to Hire Faster
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Reduce Friction & Remove Bottlenecks to Hire Faster

Do you have so many things to juggle in the restaurant that you’re not spending the time you need to on recruitment? Have you found top talent but lost them due to delayed communication, poor collaboration, and manual workflow processes that create bottlenecks in your candidate journey?

Reduce friction and increase your applicant flow by utilizing technology automation to create a hiring process that moves your top candidates faster from first contact to hire with a streamlined applicant tracking & onboarding system that allows you to focus on your customers, rather than on manual recruitment administration.

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Plan Effectively to Reliably Schedule

Happy staff equals happy customers. It’s a simple equation to driving restaurant success but difficult to achieve when you are constantly balancing labor costs with profit against staffing shortages and uncertain levels in customer demand.

If you understaff, customers are unhappy because they likely had a negative experience and over-burdened staff eventually burn out and leave. If you overstaff, profits are reduced due to wasted labor costs.

Solve the equation by using a powerful online scheduling tool with built-in forecasting that measures demand and predicts your staffing levels down to 15 minutes each day with a mobile scheduling app that engages staff in real-time.

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Plan Effectively to Reliably Schedule
Increase Wellbeing Through Accurate & Flexible Pay
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Increase Wellbeing Through Accurate & Flexible Pay

Paying staff is an arduous challenge when your payroll team is faced with calculating wages, taxes, and other deductions for multiple roles, across variable hourly rates and shift patterns that change week to week. Integrate your staff scheduling into an automated payroll service that simplifies your end-to-end payroll process to ensure your staff is always paid correctly and on time.

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Attract 2x more talent and increase staff retention by up to 36% by giving your staff the flexibility to access their earned pay on-demand, to build a resilient and happy workforce that consistently delivers an experience that meets the expectations of your customers.

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Optimize Inventory to Customer Demand

Staying ahead of the competition means serving your customers cold beverages and delicious food at good value. Setting the right par level and keeping the right amount of ingredients in stock so that you cater for customer choice while controlling spoilage and waste of perishable items is vital to managing costs and making profit. Mitigate today’s supply chain issues and increase in food & beverage costs by adopting an inventory management service that enables faster decision-making, accurate stock levels and increased ordering efficiency through a simplified online ordering process .

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Optimise Inventory to Customer Demand

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