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A staggering 95% of hourly workers prefer working for employers that offer Earned Wage Access, and 79% would be willing to switch employers for it, according to the Visa Hourly Talent Study. When you need every advantage to attract and retain talent, providing on-demand pay makes all the difference — for you and your employees.

Earned Wage Access Explained

Fuego by Fourth is an on-demand payment app that allows employees to draw a portion of their earned pay and tips before payday. Employees can draw up to 50% of their earned funds within hours of completing a shift, which is deducted from net pay like other post-tax calculations, at no cost to the employer.

Fuego integrates with HotSchedules, so every time an employee logs in to check their schedule for the week, they can instantly get a view of their earned wages that are available for immediate draws.

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Why Employees Love Fuego

  • On-Demand Pay: Give employees access to a portion of their wages and tips before payday to help them cover unexpected costs.
  • Financial Health: With shift and earnings insights right in the Fuego app, employees can see their whole financial picture and work hours that help them meet their financial goals.

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Why You’ll Love Fuego

  • Attract top talent: 95% of employees prefer working for an employer that offers earned wage access.
  • Improve retention and engagement: Keep your employees engaged and eliminate quiet quitting for good.
  • Encourage financial wellness: Help reduce employee financial stress and empower them to reach their financial goals.
  • Fill open shifts: Incentivize employees to pick up more shifts with real-time payments.
  • Save on payroll process costs: Fuego funds the draws made by employees, which means there’s no change to your payroll process.

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Fuego Visa® Card

To directly help unbanked or underbanked workers, Fuego is offering the Fuego Visa® Card to give employers a trusted and convenient source for debit transactions. Wage draws can be made to the Fuego Card at zero cost, and the card can be used for any number of financial transactions. There are no inactivity fees, no cost to set up, no fees associated with wage draws, and employees can access their pay up to two days early. Plus, the Fuego card is backed by Visa, a trusted partner in the financial industry.

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“For years, our managers were having to use spreadsheets to calculate and track tip sharing and if changes were needed it was a painstaking process to make things right. With Fuego, we can make adjustments overnight.”

— Jeff Gabriel (VP of Strategy, 23 Restaurant Services)

See how 23R realized a 25% adoption of EWA across their employees.

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