Time & Attendance

Integrate Labor and Time Keeping for a Complete Cost and Compliance Management Solution

Payroll Processing Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

HotSchedules Time and Attendance solution helps ensure payroll accuracy, maintain labor compliance, and reduce processing time. Combining our labor, payroll, onboarding, and applicant tracking software into one cloud-based solution helps payroll teams keep the paychecks accurate while saving time and money.


Clock In ANy Time, Anywhere

Your team does everything on their mobile device. Why not clock in there as well? WebClock eliminates the need for expensive, outdated hardware and allows you to take advantage of some pretty valuable compliance features. Alternatively, we can export punches from your POS or third-party payroll provider.

Built-IN Cost Controls

Reduce time theft with geo-fenced boundaries and thresholds for clock in/out times to ensure team members are on-site and on-time.

Manager and Employee Visibility

Validating punch edits is easier than ever with an intuitive interface that highlights exceptions while providing access to complete punch history and the ability to drill into the details.

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Maintain control of the labor budget by comparing scheduled to actual hours and avoiding overtime with timely alerts.

b3lineicon|b3icon-users-group||Users Group

When employees acknowledge punch edits and edits at login, it reduces payroll errors and builds trust between employees and managers.

b3lineicon|b3icon-mobile-devices||Mobile Devices

Team Members can see their estimated pay, timecard history, scheduled meals and breaks on both the web and mobile apps.

Keep it Compliant

With the increased regional labor laws, scheduling compliance is of equal importance to payroll compliance. Sure, managers build compliant schedules, but what happens after it’s posted? Together, our labor and time & attendance software help keep costs and compliance under control. In HotSchedules, labor rules are managed centrally and assigned to stores according to geography and compliance needs.
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Wage Accuracy

  • HotSchedules configures minimum wage rates down to the county level and updates the product anytime new wage rates go into effect.
  • Avoid sub-minimum wage payouts with calculations for tipped and non-tipped employees and tip shortfall warnings. Automatically adjust pay to meet the current minimum wage requirements.



Meals & Breaks

  • Flag executions for missed meals or breaks and calculate the required special pay according to local laws.
  • Real-time WebClock alerts keep managers informed of missed meals and breaks as well as late clock-ins/outs.
  • Record employee attestation for missed meals, breaks, and other schedule changes.


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Fair Work Week

HotSchedules stays ahead of the variable laws in states, cities, and counties across the country. From Oregon to Chicago and New York City, the combination of HotSchedules and Time & Attendance with WebClock helps alleviate payroll and legal teams from the tedious job of responding to new scheduling and pay compliance as they go into effect.


Senior Vice President, Big Bus Tours

“The majority of our team are tour guides who pick up a shift, can’t make it to the office first and need to go straight to the tour start location. Thanks to HotSchedules Webclock, they clock in and out remotely. After the tours are finished, they can clock out on the spot, which is more convenient for them.”

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