A Message on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As Coronavirus continues to impact the restaurant and hospitality industries, we’d like to remind you of some tools that can support your teams

Many restaurateurs are facing complex and rapidly developing challenges with the growing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Dropping sales, sick team members, canceled sales-driving events and unexpected closures are only of the few things that our customers have mentioned. Communication and education are vital to keeping your diners and employees safe amidst the spread of this disease, which is already having a huge impact on the restaurant industry. 

We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone in the restaurant community. As we continue to see how this crisis impacts the restaurant and hospitality industries, we’d like to remind you of some tools that can support the wellbeing of your team members and guests while we weather the storm. 

Preloads: Use for corporate communications on insurance changes, policy reminders, etc. 

  • Subscription Module Needed: HotSchedules Labor with Admin Console
  • Who: Above Store Level Communication to All (or selected) Staff
  • What: Above Store Console users are able to post preload messages for their staff to view when they log into their HotSchedules accounts. Users will be required to select a Continue button to acknowledge that they have seen the preload message before they are able to access their HotSchedules account. A preload is a great way to mass communicate updates to all your staff given that it will ensure they get the message, as long as they are using their HotSchedules account. 
  • How: See our step-by-step directions HERE

Broadcast Messages: Use for store-specific communications to staff such as schedule adjustments, store closures, etc. 

  • Subscription Module Needed: HotSchedules Labor with Admin Console
  • Who: Store Level Communication from Management to All Staff
  • What: A Broadcast Message is a way for managers to communicate with their entire staff on HotSchedules. The messages appear on the Home Tab, so employees will see it on the same page as their personal schedule. Broadcast messages are another way to blast out store-wide announcements.
  • How: See our step-by-step directions HERE

Private Messages: Managers can use to communicate one-on-one with team members, ensure safety in emergencies, follow up on absences, etc. 

  • Subscription Module Needed: HotSchedules Labor
  • Who: All Staff
  • What: The messaging feature of HotSchedules allows users to communicate with both coworkers and managers. You have the ability to send messages to individual people as well as entire schedule groups (everyone on the server schedule, for example).
  • How: See our step-by-step directions HERE

Task Lists: Increase visibility into safety measures being taken. You can also deploy daily spot checks on “hot items” such as handwashing sinks and restroom checks.

  • Subscription Module Needed: HotSchedules Logbook
  • Who: All Staff who have Task List Permissions
  • What: Task Lists and To-Dos help your management team both communicate effectively and stay on top of the various jobs needed to be done every day around your store.  Task Lists include those chores that are needed to be done on a regular basis, while To-Dos are assigned jobs with deadlines.
  • How: See our step-by-step directions HERE. 

Additional Safety Training: Provide additional training to re-enforce safety/health policies. 

  • Subscription Module Needed: Schoox (Content Packages Available)
  • Who: All Staff
  • What: Easily deploy training to keep your staff up to date on safe work practices. Create your own brand-specific training or purchase already developed content.  In partnership with 360 Training, Schoox and HotSchedules offer ANSI accredited Food Handler and Food Manager programs, State-specific Alcohol Seller/Server training and HACCP training accredited by the International HACCP Alliance – fully integrated into your Schoox academy.  
  • How: See our step-by-step directions HERE

As this situation continues to unfold in the coming weeks, these are a few questions that all food service providers should be asking themselves: 

  • Has your insurance provider made recent changes to allow for accessible, affordable coverage for Coronavirus testing and treatment?
  • Have you changed your food safety protocols or made updates to your SOP’s to ensure the safety of your staff and diners during this outbreak? 
  • Is your staff fully informed of the impact of Coronavirus, prevention measures they should be taking, and what to do if they feel ill? 

We know this is a scary and challenging time for everyone, especially the restaurant and hospitality industries. Let us know if we can help.

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