Fourth Releases In-App Health Survey to Help Restaurants Confirm the Health of their Teams Before Each Shift

The HotSchedules Health Survey will be made available by request beginning June 18, with self-deployment capabilities coming soon.

As the world grapples with COVID-19, operators are working tirelessly to reopen their restaurants while ensuring the safety of their team members and guests. To support our customers in this effort, Fourth worked closely with a customer task force representing various concepts, segments, and sizes. As a result of this collaboration, we are proud to offer an in-app Health Survey so employees can declare their fitness to work before each shift.

Available on all mobile and web apps beginning June 18, this new feature will prompt team members to complete a daily health survey before entering the restaurant. The first release will debut essential functionality that will document team members’ health and wellness before their shift. We will continue to add new features as we gather feedback on the effectiveness of this initial release.  Read on to learn about what is available today and what is yet to come.

Here are a few highlights of the first release:

  • The app follows CDC guidance for health screening questions.
  • Once employees have consented to take the survey, it takes less than 15 seconds to complete.
  • Employees will be prompted to fill out the survey once a day.
  • Responses are confidential – they are encrypted and stored securely. 
  • Managers will see what team members are okay to work, who isn’t, and who hasn’t completed the survey on the web app homepage. 
  • This feature is free to all HotSchedules customers.

The Health Survey will be available to activate at the company level (on for all locations) or the store level (one to few) for those that want to test the feature or implement it in specific markets. To illustrate the capabilities, we have created these short demo videos that show both the manager and the team member’s experience. 

More to Come

We will continue to consult with our customer task force on future enhancements to the Health Survey. To date, planned releases include reporting and notifications to keep managers informed of survey responses. Additionally, we will offer a self-service capability enabling above store administrators to activate the survey at all locations or just in specific markets. Independent operators will also have the ability to turn the survey on or off as needed.

Ready to Activate the Health Survey?

If you are interested in activating the first version of HotSchedules Health Survey, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or submit a request to Customer Support and they will notify you once it is complete.

Know More

Watch for future communications on updates to the Health Survey. To learn more about this initial release, check out the following articles.

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