FreeRange Concepts Creates Remarkable Success with HotSchedules Forecasting and Labor Optimization

How FreeRange Concepts streamlined operations to improve scheduling efficiency, forecasting accuracy, and reduce labor costs  to free up their team to focus on the guest experience and innovation. 

FreeRange Concepts, a Dallas-based restaurant development firm, with 10 successful ventures and 600 employees. They create memorable experiences with their creative concepts: including Bowl & Barrel, a boutique bowling alley with a full-service tavern, Mutts Canine Cantina, a restaurant and off-leash dog park, and the Rustic, a full-service restaurant and outdoor music venue.


FreeRange Concepts is an independent Texas-based restaurant group with 12 creative concepts, including bowling alley pubs, dog-park “canine cantinas” and even a dining and live music venue.

FreeRange struggled to scale with outdated, disconnected internal systems. Inconsistent data across multiple concepts made forecasting and labor optimization a nightmare. This lack of in-store and above-store visibility led to labor costs that were out of control and made it impossible to make the right decisions to drive profitability.


FreeRange partnered with Fourth to standardize and unify their multi-unit operations using Fourth’s Workforce Management Software. Implementing HotSchedules significantly improved scheduling efficiency, particularly for employees shared across locations, saving managers time and reducing stress.  

In addition, HotSchedules’ forecasting and labor optimization tools simplified and accelerated the forecasting process for managers of all experience levels. This allowed for more accurate demand prediction, optimized labor schedules, and control over labor costs. 


The improved efficiency in scheduling and forecasting brought labor costs under control, allowing management to refocus on enhancing the guest experience.  

Even better, with their newfound workforce visibility and accuracy, FreeRange’s leadership freed up their time to develop their next great concept –to concentrate on innovation instead of cost control, unwieldy processes, and manual data analysis.  

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